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Give the letter from friends

Posted Oct 13 2012 7:18am

Strange classmate:

How do you do!

I am shaoxing county huashe experiment elementary school five (4) class of a student. Although do not know who you are.

But I still want to makeEvisu Jeans Men long friends with you. Want to know that I am what kind of, listen to me speak bottom to go to!

I am a little bookworm, of a day always avoid several hours nest in the study reading.­­ ­ ­ I

Like to see of book is an adventure played its. Every time a new edition, I would not desperate to buy the book over

Even break the bank. There are so once, I ten o 'clock at night are read the book, at this time, mom

Do not know from where to h, a taken of my hand book. I blubber, even the ace in the hole

-- pester and keep on, just put the book back. But, old mama a walk, I again with relish to read the


This is the little bookworm demeanor.

I am also a real couch potatoes. No matter LaoBan or new TV or movies, as long as once

My ears "wash", will never wipe the don't go, don't want to a word don't pull a read to. Not only that

And my brain is still a memory strong "computer", what, as long as a large bed of esau

Trace, you will forever in my brain takes place in.

In addition, I am a super zero hour crazy, the home snacks no matter where can be me

"Smell" come out.

This is me, how, lovely it. Don't forget that reply!

I wish you good good study day day up!

Your future friends: WuYuQi

* years * * day on


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