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Posted Aug 11 2008 9:05pm
Two weeks later my knee is still dodgy and being the tit that I am, I forgot to pack my knee brace to help me out when I go gym this afternoon, thankfully I packed my sports bra, maybe I could wrap that around the knee instead...

Oncologist appointment tomorrow whereupon I shall be probed, prodded and scraped...sorry was that TMI? The downside being that I would in no way enjoy the experience no matter how witty my doctor is.

I shall be using the rest of the day (tomorrow that is) to go to the bank and finally get my accounts changed *ackshuddergasp* as the last piece of id I have in my maiden name is expiring on Saturday and I have held off for as long as possible (two years) *weep*

Did I mention that I have serious commitment issues? What you think I lived with him for seven years out of vice? I actually valued the illusion of freedom that I had. The idea that should anything ever go wrong (yes I'm a pessimist that way) I have an out, he just leaves the house, no messy divorce to go through. Once again truthfully had my mother not died we probably would not have gotten married, although apparently the proposal was in the works before she got sick, who knows what the answer would have been. Don't get me wrong, its not that I don't love him, he is truly my lifeblood but the illusion or is that delusion of freedom is strong in this one.

So yes that being the case, instead of rushing to the banks, transport division, etc. etc. et al. to have my name changed like any other good newlywed, I waited until the very last moment, when I knew that all my ID was going to expire. Naturally being the me I waited until almost too late and now have to rush to get things done, I would like to have use of my credit card for local transactions, some things I actually don't purchase off of the web, which is a bit difficult when they ask to see your ID everytime you swipe.

Amazing sight for the day: A KFC delivery boy left his bicycle with a bag containing two boxes of ...well KFC...on his bike parked on the side of the road. It almost made me want to wait in the bushes and see if any enterprising vagrants came along while he was away. Luckily for him I abhor KFC, okay well not abhor just dislike unless I'm totally starving at which point all bets are off.

Strange news: Whilst showing us the correct way to hold our hands for a hand undulation, the instruction looked at my palm and said "you're almost rich, you just need to travel more". How did she know I haven't travelled in a while? Is there something to palmistry after all?

In in truly vile news: I took a little walk through Port of Spain at lunch to carry out some business. The place reeks, seriously what is that don't tell me, I know that I'm better off not knowing. People work in this place, gad..okay I know there are much worse but come on.

Today's fluff items has been brought to you by the letter H
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