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four one thousand people

Posted Dec 07 2012 3:08am
four one thousand people. But a thief first li ba after all or escaped, and fort Russian are not under attack. TaiShiKun make the military forces refreshment, eat some lunch, and then immediately rate army forward, to win at one fling fort Russian. HuTuoHe battlefield distance ROM fort brake is only ten five mountain road. The journey on foot to walk to the modern people may feel very tired, can put in "traffic basic depend to go" the ancients feet, Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 but it's nothing. This journey, the ancients don't stop can be in the end. In one of the TaiShiKun chariots, three thousand warhorse laughter and cheerful journeyed Russian walked fort. So go li road, TaiShiKun is leading the army came to the Russian former fort a canyon. This canyon on both sides are is lush trees, just is a calls of birds and animals are not. Blake Griffin Shoes This kind of situation, seen many ancient costume drama can TaiShiKun don't know how ambush? See his eyebrows a wrinkly, a big swing and ordered three thousand warhorse stop before in the valley. As a TaiShiKun expected, on both sides of the valley the salvoes, suddenly flashed through all the way men. This way the number of Sagittarius only a dozens of people, WeiShouZhe head DaiTie helmet, dressed in armored, portable a piece of iron, but can't see face to. After he made a rod banner proclaiming, "fort Russian six when home mixed iron beelzebub ZhuHu". Li ba new sworn a six brother this matter, TaiShiKun is heard of. Now the sixth son brought so few people dare to stop the TaiShiKun three thousand charger, most propbably is also some skill. Charles Barkley Shoes TaiShiKun are deliberated with eyes this scene is trap, but see wu song palaver come, low track: "the elder brother, I will go up for a moment the mixed iron beelzebub, if they decorate what authority, you let a person is rescue me!" WuErLang skill TaiShiKun naturally trustworthy, then he promised to nod. Wu song smiled, pending palaver forward, suddenly saw a sight scented shadow flash, originally is the green light smile wanted to offer a written kiss. A pair of red lip just kiss on the cheek wu song, the black iron beelzebub just pick off helmet, disclosing a smiling face. That face and labial red tine is white, Nike Air CB 34 the cheeks are bright red, look very familiar with. Take a TaiShiKun amount to, fierce of thought of that man's name. This is not ZhuBiao ya! Delicate and charming red lip in ErLang away on the upper leaf left a little and remember. ZhuBiao face smile immediately set! "It can't be! It can't be! I saw what ah!" The ZhuBiao exclaim voice resounded through the whole valley! TaiShiKun see to ZhuBiao, the in the mind dark scold 1, on the face is put on a pair of cool color, barked: "ah? Your boy is not ZhuBiao? Your boy has not learn, how just ran to the fort Russian as a traitor!" "you said! Is clearly you teach me to be a secret!" ZhuBiao red eyes, loudly shout a way: "I have heard your words and to mix in the enemy camp made bandit chieftain li ba trust, also mix the sixth handle high! Today I come, is specially designed for you approach road take the gates!
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