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Foggy headed.

Posted Oct 23 2010 12:03pm
I'm behind as hell in school. I cannot concentrate. Or focus. It's driving me insane. I try SO DAMN HARD to force my brain to grasp a concept, and I try to get it to focus and absorb the information I want it to, but my head feels lost in a fog, it's hard to get in contact with, and there is a thick layer of cotton and jello strips (like lasagna noodles) around my hippocampi preventing anything I try to teach myself from getting stored in long term memory. It affects my working memory too. It's stupid. I've wasted SO much time today, not getting SHIT done for school, for grad apps, for the GRE, nothing. I HAVE DONE FUCKING NOTHING. And I've been at my desk since 10am. I would have been at the desk sooner, but my stupid ass slept.

This is driving me crazy. I don't know what the hell. I'm panicky inside. And not just because I'm behind, well of course part of that is involved, but it's beyond that "normal" kind of panic. It's mixed with the "crazy" bits of rapidly-escalating-type panic. And yeah, sucks ass.

I don't know what to do. I feel so....

I can't describe it.

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