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Flipped out

Posted Jan 05 2010 7:55am
Need I say more?

My insidesare flying into a million pieces all at once, crashing and breaking into a whirlwind rage.

And thanks to my odd dual functioning, I have dressed myself, mailed grad app, and am driving to work. My face is stern and jaw clenched. My body is static and hides the madness and terror within. My sexual appetite is voracious yet if any human gets close to me I want to punch them and rip their head off for being stupid

Clearly the whole wanting to kill any slow-thinking idiot conflicts with my current responsibility of going to work at a place filled with annoying idiots. To remedy this sittuation I took 10/600 of hydrocodone/acetimethaphen (sp). Hopefully I will be stones before i get to work as to avoid making a total ass out of myself. I try to keep the crazy below radar as much as possible.

Wish me luck please.

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