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Family Therapy

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:01am
My family is dysfunctional.

There are 7 known people with bipolar disorder in my family, but yet we tiptoe around the issue. We won't talk about meds, doctors, and the word "bipolar" because my parents haven't had a conversation with my brother that they should have had 5 years ago!

It's so f*cking stupid!

Well now, certain "names of places" are off limits because it could be a potential trigger for my brother as well.

My family is f*cked up because everyone is so focused on keeping secrets that no one is taking the time to deal with the real issues!

Yeah, yeah, maybe to some extent, every family is dysfunctional. But for me, I'm tired. I wish I could blink it away like Bewitch.

We had a HUGE family blow up today. As many issues that came to the forefront, NONE came to the forefront.

It became painfully clear today that my sister and I have two very different views of our mother.

I can't even be mad.

Our differing experiences with the same woman has shaped our views, opinions and respect.

Well, my sister has been recommending family therapy for some time. My father has also suggested it.

But is everyone ready for what I know?
Is everyone ready to know WHY I dislike my mother so strongly?
Is everyone ready to take a trip 30 years into the past?
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