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Electrifying! ECT, Brain implants and stimulators.

Posted Mar 18 2006 12:00am
The talk about brain implants for various diseases is becoming more widespread. They are having success with these implants that send little electronic surges to the right area of the brain. I believe Parkinson Disease is the main area they are using it on right now. Next in line is chronic depression, which means Bipolar Disorder could be up their alley too.

Electronic therapy certainly is not new. ECT has been around for decades. I actually thought it was an outdated form of therapy. I have learned that ECT is still very common in mental hospitals. Now that is trippy! For some strange reason being strapped down and shocked seems much worse than having a small device implanted in your brain. I am not sure if that is logical.

In the US, some hospitals are trying an electronic stimulator and patients who are suffering from depression, and both med and treatment resistant. The patient comes in for an office visit to do the therapy. The patient has the electronic device placed on their head for thirty to sixty minutes.

In other countries you can stimulate your synapse's right at home. (What else is new?)
There is a product that is a small hand held unit with two clips, one for each ear lobe. You clip them on and it sends small electronic surges through the brain. This is worn for about fifteen to thirty minutes. They actually market it to control anxiety and a relaxation aid without drugs.

This electric stuff is all very stimulating. (I will even admit to owning my own stimulator.)
But, for now, I am doing better than ever and I am on a nice blended cocktail of psychotropics. Personally, nothing could make me want to rock my boat again.
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