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Eight legs, no legs rah rah rah

Posted Aug 25 2008 7:06pm

My beautiful girl moulted this weekend and is now bigger and even more beautiful if that was even possible. She had built herself a lovely tube web and had hidden herself away for probably about a month. At times like those I'm a nervous wreck of sorts as every moult could be potentially fatal. I've had one moult go horribly wrong already and this beautiful girl I really like.

She's still in hiding in her webbing but I extracted the moult last night.

I also got the little ones out for a crawl about tonight before I feed them. Feeding has been particularly gruesome of late as, well lets just say dismemberment is involved ugh. I impress myself with my testicular fortitude, really I do.

Look at that face, how could you not love it

One is slightly bigger than the other as it goes on mini fasts every now and then, it has, however, been eating like a pig these last few weeks so I'm hopeful that it will put on some size soon. That would be nice.

The life of a snake/tarantula owner is not an easy one, low maintenance yeah, but to a point.

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