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Efficient Enterprise-level Remote Desktop Client Solutions

Posted Mar 25 2013 7:57am

Today, businesses are not only competing locally but with other businesses from different countries. In this global business market, competition is very strong and every second that is lost can cause huge losses for a company. The work environment has also changed, and more companies are willing to allow their employees to work remotely than ever before. To facilitate this remote work policy, companies are on the lookout for effective and innovative ways to improve productivity.

One such innovation that has been accepted by a lot of companies today is remote desktop client which gives employees the ability to access a desktop computer in another location remotely. A lot of organizations have deployed remote access solutions to their workspace computers so that employees can access them and the corporate network at any time to get information and necessary data to complete their work. This works great for the company and for the work-life balance of employees.

In an age where ecommerce businesses have become a norm rather than an exception, traditional businesses are finding their restrictions on workspace giving away. The development of mobile devices and their features have also had a huge impact on business, increasing the number of people working away from office. Today, it is possible for employees to work even from their smartphones and tablet PCs.

While this change has been very useful for both employers and employees, it does bring certain challenges with it. For instance, data safety is an important issue that comes with remote support access; businesses need to ensure that critical company data stays safe even when it is transmitted through the internet.

Remote access applications and desktop environment simulations give you unrestricted access to a remote computer at any time and place, but one alternative to this is Remote Desktop Client service or RDS. This service allows you to run an application or control the desktop of a computer remotely from one location, but control the computer and manage it data from another location.

RDS allows both users and administrators to securely access company files in a work computer, as well as company-related software and applications. In this day and age, it is possible to use your own device as well a secure and uninterrupted connection to carry on with your work safely from home.

There are several vendors that offer remote access solutions, but leaders like RHUB offer efficient solutions like the RHUB remote support appliance to face data access challenges through mobile devices while ensuring safety of corporate data.

In fact, appliance based remote access solutions give users the ability to access their work desktop remotely through a secure network while still being easy to deploy and use. These solutions are simple to use with just a single sign in and they are also simple to install and manage.

As a business owner, you should invest in a Remote computer access solution that is not only cost effective but also secure enough for transmitting confidential business data. Moreover, it should give you an acceptable degree of control while still keeping things simple and meeting the requirements of your enterprise.

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