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Ebb, Flow, Calm Part 3

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:09pm
So let's do a bullet list


* Got more sun

* Drank more water

* Washed face nightly

* Got facials

Skin NOW

* I am in the house A LOT

* Drink maybe ~1/2 Gallon/ month

* Routinely sleep with makeup

* Last facial was February



* Drank lots of water

* Ate healthier

* Didn't eat as much or as late

* Worked out at least 3x/week

Body NOW

* Drink a case of soda/ week

* 3-4lbs of Swedish fish/ month

* What is a salad?

* I roll over at night to eat/ drink

* Workout?

God Then

* 1 hour daily devotion

* Fast once/ week

* Church every Sunday

* God in every aspect of life

* Like -minded friends


* Devotion when I can

* Maybe 2 full hours/week

* Fast once/ month

* Church every Sunday (after long hiatus)

* God needs to be everywhere

* I'm strange to peers

Things to consider:

* Didn't have diagnosis

* Work required fit body

That's it. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't think of any other excuses. It's clear that I haven't been doing my part.

Butterfly, success leaves clues, man. Look at your life, it's there, it's all around. Redo what worked before, and Git R Done!

A return to basics will enable me to maintain clam during the inevitable ebb and flow of life.
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