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Earth praise

Posted Oct 18 2012 4:22am

Flowers are so delicate and charming and beautiful, because it has green leaves silently foil. Greenery is so strong and full, because it has soil silently take care of.


In a vast land, the land is colourful longchamp bags flowers. A group of tourists pass by here, continually acclaim: "look, beautiful flowers ah!" But they have pay attention to flower of green leaves? They will pay attention to the swart soil? Maybe they really too not conspicuous, too small a.


On the stage, and everyone praise singer and everyone admire dancer, on the stage to display their talent and elegant demeanour especially in colorful lights shine, more gorgeous and moving. But who thought in the sparkling lights behind, who is it? Is a computer? Don't. It is that a little-known crew in the unknown control the lighting and stage prop. If there is no crew hard work, there is no performers so magnificent performance. Ah! Behind the personnel, you are a Pou soil!


During the Olympics, people most concerned about is always the athletes, but who is in the hot sun to athletes and coaches to send water? Who is the every day in various venues between? Who is the way for everybody? Is who can't watch the game will clean the site health? Is who... It is the selfless dedication of volunteers. They volunteer for the Olympic service and don't get a penny. Perhaps some people think that the volunteers "eat enough nothing to do", do not understand them. Could you goes thought: if no these volunteers, the Beijing Olympic Games also can smoothly carry on? Volunteers is an indispensable part of the Olympic Games. Ah!Olympic volunteers, you are a Pou soil!


Dirt, you are curtain the latter, volunteers, server... Although you mean but great. You want to a candle burning themselves lit up the others. I wish to be a Pou soil, a Pou for the society, for the motherland will offer silently the earth!

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