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Don’t be Afraid to Reach Out

Posted May 12 2009 6:16pm

Hey, y’all –

I had a bad day this week (yeah, I know, another one — hope this isn’t going to be a trend!!!)… well, anyway, here’s the point.  I had a bad day, and I kept it to myself for the longest time.

Oh yeah, having a ball on my pity pot.  Feeling sorry for myself.  Me at my own pity party, no other guests (of course not, because I was keeping it to myself!).

Everything was wrong.  Nothing was wrong.

I was in a bad mood… no, I wasn’t really.  I was depressed… well, I wouldn’t say depressed, really.  I was… I was… well, gosh, even I didn’t know what I was!!!  Was there even a feeling word to describe what I was feeling?  I don’t know.

I know I wasn’t myself. 

And you know the big problem?  (here comes the drama queen part)  I felt uninspired.  I had like 10 articles due and I felt uninspired, and didn’t feel like working.

Ok, where are the violins?  Where is the pity party for Michele?  Where is the drama band?  Aren’t you going to join me?

Oh… I get it.  You have more important things to do.

Well, that’s the point of this whole story.  SO DO I !

So I felt uninspired.  Big deal.  So I had some articles to write and didn’t feel like writing them.  Big deal.  So I felt sorry for myself.  Big deal.  So I fell into my pity bathtub.  Big deal.

I’ll tell you what the big deal was.  I didn’t have to be there!  Get it?  I did NOT have to be there for one second!

All I had to do was reach out, tell a friend that I was stressed and needed prayer, and voila!

Problem solved!  Just because I reached out.

I’m not saying all problems are that easy to solve.  But I can promise that the self-pity ones are, for sure.  Because we inflate the self-pity ones.  Don’t believe me?  Look at how I played the drama queen over not being inspired to write a few articles!  At how I felt sorry for myself because of it.  Uh-huh!  I knew you’d see it.

Well, my husband tells this story (he actually tells it better than me, but you’ll get the point):

A man was trying to lift up his car by its trunk.  The car was very heavy.

A friend came along to help him, but the two of them together couldn’t lift the car, either.

Then a third friend came along, and they easily lifted that car.

Now ask yourself this question.  Was the car any lighter?  Or did it weigh the same?

Think about it.

Our problems are still as bad as they are whether we try to solve them by ourselves or whether we reach out for help. 

But if we reach out for help, they don’t SEEM as bad!

Well, I bet you can guess the end of today’s story.

I reached out to a few friends, asked for prayer, and I was able to de-stress and write the articles I needed to write. 

I needed to tell you all this, so you don’t repeat my mistake.  If you need help, whether it’s something simple, or something having to do with your bipolar disorder, or you feel like killing yourself, reach out for help.

There is always somebody out there for you.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Wishing you peace and stability,

Remember God loves you and so do I,


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