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doing things and not remembering it

Posted by searching

I have been doing things, not just simple things, but like posting an entire post on bi-polar community wellshere and going on website thinking I have not been there in months only to find I have been there the week before.  All the things I am saying are true, but I have absolutely no memory of posting them?  What's going on?
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Hi searching,

I have recently been experiencing what I call 'periods of absence' where I seem to do things to myself and not realise what I have done until afterwards. For me though it tends to be things like self harming, so whilst this is different from your experiences such as writing entire blog posts and not realising, I would say they are both periods of absence. There is also something called 'dissociation' or 'dissociative episodes' and even 'dissociative amnesia'. To me it sounds like you are experiencing some form of dissociation.  

A brief overview of dissociative amnesia is:  A dissociative amnesia may be present when a person is unable to remember important personal information, which is usually associated with a traumatic event in his/her life. The loss of memory creates gaps in this individual's personal history. 

And a brief overview of dissociative disorder is: When a person intermittently experiences two or more identities, he/she may have a dissociative identity disorder. While experiencing a new identity, a separate personality takes control, and the person is unable to remember important and personal information about himself/herself. 

Do either of those sound like they could explain what you have been experiencing? I hope this answer might be of some help. Take care :) 

Yes, it sounds very familiar.  My family has often swore to me that they have told me things and I absolutely no memory of it.  I have lost things and have bo idea of ever having them.  I have also lost track of time, usually up to a day a week.  Others will say they saw me somewhere and I will absolutely deny it because I am a person who never goes out so how could they see me.  I pulled in front of a truck and had a bad wreck and have absuletly no memory of any of it until I was being flown out to a University hospital.  Thank you, it sounds very familiar.  Also I am always coming up with bruises and places on my body and have no idea how I got them.
I have dealt with those same problems all my life. I had to stop driving at one point due to several close calls. The people at local gas stations and grocery stores thought I had a twin. I was finaly diagnosed with DID and came up with alot of answers with a good therapist. Now that my meds are balanced out I am doing much better but still have lapses. My spouse does not understand and it causes some realy big fights when I insist I haven't done something that I technicaly have.
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