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does anyone know of efffective treatment for bipolar, adhd and compulsive gambling?

Posted by lynn36

My husband has been struggling with these issues all of his life as well as angry outbursts of yelling, cussing and occasionally punching a wall.  He has taken Lamictal but never regularly.  It takes him 2 months to get through a 1 month prescription.  He works 3rd shift and doesn't sleep regularly.  He is addicted to sports gambling, especially football.  Placed $1800.00 worth of bets in one day but says he doesn't have a problem!
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Get him off Lamictal first and foremost. Nobody can treat him but himself. Group therapy is manipulative and humiliating for some, and it sounds like he isn't going to want to do that sort of thing. To be honest, he might not even have bipolar because gambling provokes anger in many. It's as if he cares so much about money that he fails to see the obvious truth that he's wasting it.
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