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Do not violate my friends

Posted Aug 27 2008 8:32am

You know you could objectify me, really don't mind its really all the same, but don't objectify my friends! That's for me to do man, not you.

Some hyg (horny young guy) was looking at my flickr pics and decided to favourite all the pictures that featured boobage of some sort from the fairly recent Dolores O'Riordan concert (a great time was had by all) I did the only thing any self respecting woman would do in a case like that...I deleted all the pics he likes as well as any other he may have sullied. Look my pics, my page, my rules okay and even though I put them all up there to be looked at (mostly by the people in said pics) I don't appreciate some guy with no pics of his own, but with a whole list of fave pics being those of women with the boobage linking to them. Call me hypocrite whatever.

Grump grump grumble grumble grrrrrrr

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