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development of characteristic air max 2011 sale agriculture

Posted Oct 11 2012 1:58am
This is a microcosm of the the Hengxi watermelon technology content. One side is the silhouette of the Hengxi the watermelon dimensional cultivation techniques, and the other side is the silhouette of the the Hengxi bonsai watermelon scale production technology, new technologies, new products, like a new mode of production in Hengxi many: the watermelon to change the root grafting technique, factory jordan 7 cheap nursery continuing efforts to promote the technology, square the melon, Olympic melon and other technologies in Hengxi; Xiaolan, new sworn crown, Black Beauty, network melon, red Xiaoyu, more than 20 varieties of melon in Hengxi has introduced, to try to grow, promotion.

The Hengxi watermelon from agricultural science and education from the seventies of the last century to the present day; from scattered planting in the past, the traditional cultivation, extensive management, to combine demonstration base led by the watermelons demonstration households, large mentoring (demonstration households led big, big led farmers), to the streets of the Government attaches importance to and to lead to the establishment of agricultural cooperatives, the Hengxi watermelon in the rapid development of characteristic air max 2011 sale agriculture continued to take the road of scientific and technological innovation, use of new technologies, the promotion of new products to enter the modern agriculture. Organized by the annual session of the Hengxi Watermelon Festival, the Hengxi watermelon from Nanjing Jiangning push, push, Jiangsu, pushed the Yangtze River Delta, to achieve a magnificent turn of the watermelon, stimulate local economic development and to promote cross- Creek a new round of urban and rural, beautiful countryside, casual construction of ecological agriculture.
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