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desperately need help

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I am seriously bi-polar, have PSTD, sever anxiety disorder, OCD and they even think I may have multiple personalities disorder.  I am a waking. talking disorder.  I have beeb ib counceling for seven years.  My councelor and I had an affair that lasted until now.  Although it was more like an off thing than an on because I avoided keeping my appointments.  But now that it has ended I am devastated.  I am not in love with him, but over the years he has became the only person I trust.  I have never trusted anyone in my life.  He was my seurity blanket and I knew as long as he was in my life, I would be alright.


Now that it is over, he is accusing me of trying to blackmail and that if I try he will testify to the courts that I am a delusional, very mentally ill person.  I have no intention of blackmailing him.  All I want is to be able to recover from this and to libe the normal, unnormal life that I hace lived before.  Is there any suffestions that you can give me that wikk help.  I am ar rge lowesr point I jave been in for a long time,  I am fighting to get through this, but so far I am not having much luck with it.    

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It's despicable that he took advantage of you like that. He's a sick man to do that to a patient, he has gone against everything he took an oath for when he started. He doesn't deserve your trust. I'm sorry that you're in such an awful situation.

 Can you get another therapist? You need to cut off all contact with this man. It sounds like you need to rebuild or find a good support group. Do you have any family or friends that are supportive? Do you take meds? Do you have insurance? If you're in the US, I would suggest that you try finding your local NIMH branch (do a search on the web) and see if they can help you find support. There's also DBSA, and many other good resources.

Let me know how you're doing, and if you can't focus enough to find this information, I'll be happy to help you.


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