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Conquering fears one bufo at a time

Posted Aug 25 2008 7:06pm

Yes yes I have irrational fears, the girl with the snakes and tarantulas has irrational fears. Well fear...namely frogs, you in the corner stop come on really stop it *humph*

Today however while sweeping out the back room and just going out onto the porch I saw non other than bufo marinus aka a cane toad. Normally this would illicit a jump clear out of my skin and onto the ceiling...reminiscent in fact of that scene in Underworld when the cute vampire girl realised the guy was bitten by a werewolf, yeah that one. But not today, today I sat down beside it and picked it up! Me!

Now don't get me wrong I think frogs are cute, I really do but I avoid them like the plague, but this was a small step and I know that now that I've actually held one I won't feel freaked out by them again.

Yay me!

Bufo was very patient with the silly human holding him and waited a full twenty minutes or so before deciding to show its displeasure by sending a small stream of urine out on me. Well that's that then, I've been now peed on by babies, puppies, tarantulas and a toad. Course when looking at that list, cane toad pee is a piece of cake.

Oh right! It was so cool to the touch. I love holding reptiles and now amphibians, they are so lovely and cool. The back of a toad is very rough compared to a snake though, but then they have this lovely soft skin underneath.

Yes I did eye the empty aquarium and wonder if I could keep it in there. No I didn't keep it, I set it free in the drain in the back and really do hope it does not come back in the porch, damn thing kept leaving little presents for us, I mean it doesn't smell but still, do that stuff outside.

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