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Confusing Medical Sx

Posted Jan 16 2010 7:15pm
I swear I am not a hypochondriac. I've been feelings generally nasty for a couple of weeks, and today I made a list of things that have been bugging me as I have thought of them (in case I go to the doctor so I can be sure to remember everything). Looking at my total list, well I'm confused. I don't know if this is all something I should have checked out (I did over the summer when I had a similar spell of symptoms) but the doc came up empty handed and in my frustration I quit going to the wasteful "follow-ups". Here's what's up, I posted this in some random medical forum in hopes of getting intelligent feedback because, well, I don't feel like wasting my $$ going to the doctor for her to stare at me and say, "I'm not sure, but...". I don't have the patience for that right now!!

25 yr old 5'10 female, white, college student, good health.

Sx persisting 2+ weeks (& 6 weeks over summer, doc didn't dx; had normal blood panels), sx not constant, come and go, varying intensity as well:

Dizzy: not constant, dizzy "flashes"/"pulses" (electrical impulse/flash), various parts of face, head, neck, shoulders, chest, & lower than that (flash will go through my head, chest, and then thigh. When in head, it's like a pause in time, room and/or myself is shifted a little, rotating to L or R, forward or back, can happen spontaneously but most common when I look quickly L or R, occ up and down, but is not a constant feature every moment of every day. I had these pulsations over the summer for about 6 weeks.

True dizzy/lighthead when stand from squat, etc.

Nausea: stomach discomfort, frequently after food; 6 wks in summer w/ dizzy.

Coordination: I get periods  of the day (usually don't last multiple days consecutively) of decreased dexterity in my hands, e.g. when writing, hard to finely coordinate fingers where I want, writing is sloppier, typing is occ hard too. In many cases it's easier to hold my thumb or finger stiff and moving my palm to influence the location of my finger tip when typing/operating iPhone. Sometimes body feels like I'm moving through water. Been unusually fatigued, even with the Adderall and coffee. I may have mental energy, but not in my body. Frequently fatigued, feeling uncoordinated, like moving through water or mud, clumsier than usual at times where it is frustrating to try to do things because I can't quite seem to put my body parts where I want them.

Ears: tinnitus, off and on.

Eyes: sore behind them in absence of a headache, can hurt looking around, go outside hurts behind my eyes, focusing at distances & light increase.

Shooting electrical/tingle down hand and fingers sometimes when I open my hand all the way (e.g. reaching to grab something).

Involuntary muscle twitch/spasm (brief spastic movement) primarily in legs and feet;

Some electric sort of jolts/flash in extremities (like hand or feet) when I bend my head down all the way (e.g. touching chin to chest);

Pre-exist: Synthroid: 50mcg/hypothyroidism, 2005; Prozac: 40-60mg/bipolar disorder, 2008; Lamictal: 200mg/BD, 2007; Lorazepam: PRN (max 2mg/BD, 2006; Adderall: 20mg/drowsy from BD meds, 2009.

No major diseases or neuro d/o in family, some psych d/o, some heart disease (grandparent's siblings), uncle with diabetes II, breast/lung cancers (grandparent’s siblings), only a short history is known so I don't have much info.

I am sexually active, on Yaz birth control, just had period and not possibly preg, no history of STDs; occasionally smoke when stressed or starting to feel manic (not every day, 0-2 packs/week). No drugs, rarely alcohol (less than once a month)

Feel free to share thoughts :)

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