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(Cannot think of a clever title tonight)

Posted Mar 08 2010 8:02pm
It's been forever since I have written on this darn thing. I've been busy, mentally busy I guess, and then when I am not busy I am tired, and to be totally honest, somebody has had a little bit of the blues here lately. Which pretty much equals me not writing about jack crap at all.

First, let's focus on the silly and positive things.

Last week, I'm at school and my laptop decides that the screen lighting up is a silly and pointless thing to do. I take my happy ass to the Apple store. I'm not sure if it was my bubbly personality or the tatas, but I got one hell of a deal. Homeboy hooked it up with a $200 discount. I immediately visited Macy's and treated myself to a new Coach purse (my other one is a few years old and fairly worn out!). Getting home I discovered Macs are pretty much a foreign creature. I couldn't understand why they don't have a right click button or how the piss to get the CD tray to pop out so I could put my disk on it and stick it in the laptop. Seriously, I was infuriated. Next day I'm talking to boss-man's girlfriend and learn the magical CD secret: there *isn't* a pop out tray. You slide the disk in like in a vehicle. Nooooooooo I'm not retarded at all......

Well the laptop was legit buggy and I took it back to Apple less than three days after purchase. Specialist dude (I did ask if that meant he had a 14 foot bus parked out back) works with it for 2 hours. During this tine I gave him a free 20 minute session explaining the phathophysiological causes (of Alzheimers) and behavioral/emotional regulation (lack there of) that result. I also gave him an idea of what it is like for his grandmother to experience it and how she may be psychologically affected and try to cope. I helped dude understand this shit. It was a totally rewarding feeling!

Anyhoo. He gets comp kinda better but I kindly explain I still want to swap it out for a new one because I don't trust it. He asks boss dude. Boss dude decides to brush me off and explain the definition (semantic and functional) of "update" as it applies to computers. I kindly said, "Thank you, but I read my Webster's at home this morning and understand what 'update' means". I eventually left with a new laptop and choking a bit on his nose which was shoved incredibly far up my ass.

It turns out I'm an iPhone theme designer. I figured out how to rock that out a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty pleased about it. Being as overly OCD and anal about tge asthtics and User interface of my phone, the ability to fine tune every aspect to my liking is superb.

I hacked into my terminal at work to access the networking files and whatnot. I definitely impressed myself there. Again with my user interface obsession, I was able to update the window themes, resolution, font and color. I'm MUCH happier now to be at my desk!!! But I'm more than a little pissed that someone told the HR lady what I did. And I only told a few people about the screen changes... so that means that someone I sorta trusted or whatever went and told on me like it was a bad thing that I did. Which is stupid, petty, and one more reason why I hate and don't trust people as a general rule. The people thing will be another blog post later or perhaps tomorrow. I have a lot to say about that and am still sorting it out in my head!

Random statement: I'm in love with Apple, my iPhone and Mac. They make me happy. Same with my new Coach thingie!

I've realized that I an an odd creature. Fairly eclectic. I'm always in jeans, 9 times out of 10 I'm rocking my cowboy boots, hoodie (fave being UnderArmor!), vintage tshirts, darkass plum/black nail polish, beaded bracelets, and a rather expensive girly purse. I like my hair to be done and nice clean makeup with some form of eye enhancement. I'm country-casual-retro-hippie-sporty-girly girl all at once. Strange indeed. Well nobody can say I am a follower! Ha. Plus I'm obsessive about tanning, smart about brains apparently with a dark computer hacking side, curse like a sailor even as I talk all 'neuro', I've recently realized I'm good at making people laugh, and have the ability to be very professional when I want to. So here I have the girly-rough and rebel-geeky intelligent-comedic jackass-straightlaced professional persona. I'm very moralistic yet don't give a shit.

I figure my best bet for an honest opinion about my hodge-podge-ness would be on the random interwebs. People I know, the dudes just want to sleep with me (some want to date too) so I can't really trust shit they say, females don't want to piss you off, and the ones I think are friends will be supportive and blah blah. If anyone who reads this has an opinion, please do share it with me!!!

I had this weird thought of being that single 35/40 year old without kids. It was a little weird. I've been single for a while, and haven't dated someone in tge ssame stere for years, so I've been living day to day as a single person for over 3 years. And the longer I'm single the weirder, more independent, and more unwilling to change for someone else I become. So the whole single and childless thing totally seems possible. I've been a girl lately and it's been bugging me. Wah. LOL.

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