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can there be a reaction between OTC vitamins,taken right,& bi-polar meds? I've just started taken vitamins& I'm having problems.

Posted by mermie

pronounced anxiety

an,  "anxiety attack" where I was was cleaning house 90 miles an hour, eyes wide open, tears streaming, shaking  went away after about two hours or so.

now I feel vulnerable, slight confusion if I do something wrong, slight depression

not sure what is happening. before I was doing very well. been on vitamins one week.

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My counseler who is very up on vitamins that should be taken to help bi-polar disorder says that omega 3 and vitamin d is a must.  I take them both every day with my medications.  The vitamin d is susposed to help control the depression side of bi-polar.  Melation is also susposed to help you rest at night, I have found that this works for me, they have 3,5, mg and extended relief.
It probably takes time for our body to get used to the vitamins - depending on what kind of vitamins they are.  I have read that aside from taking vitamins, we must watch our caffeine intake.  I used to drink heaps of colas which would make me more anxious and unable to sleep at night, I have now limited the drinking of colas to morning and afternoon (none in the evening) and only maximum of 3 cups a day.  I suppose that might apply to coffee or iced teas or anything that has caffeine as well. 
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