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buckle air max 2011 sale ball to the opponent on the ground

Posted Oct 09 2012 7:34am
Later, they return to the start position - Ni Xingjian standing on the left side of the gymnasium, his partner standing on the right end of this, Ni Xingjian performing "bounce pass" - buckle air max 2011 sale ball to the opponent on the ground in front of let the ball hit the ground, bounced, opponents catch; while his partner performing "chest pass" - that is, the ball can not fall to be very hard to put the ball directly thrown into the opponent's chest, and let him pick live. Both of them across so far distance, doing tricks passing to each other, were about five or six rounds, the audience cheers to them from time to time.

They then each person to pick up the two balls in the crotch under like Ni Hangjian as dribbling, I really like the Rebels Hot Wheels. They have been transported into operation, the teacher in such a long time, he asked: "No? Performing this operation so long?" They said: "no." At this time, Zhu teacher is very knowledgeable to jordan 7 cheap point out their flaws: "Ni Xingjian, you did something wrong, you should turn him against the turn, his face turn outside to you also Wangwaimian turn, you are not forgotten how to turn?" Our audience suddenly realized, thought they were very perfect, but we think they have been very good, seems really "plum blossom from the bitter cold," because they usually train hard on the track team, have this achievement today, "stage one minute, audience ten years Gong "ah! This program is what impressed me the most.
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