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British woman "Taishan" 4 kidnapped by monkeys raised by Qi Conglin

Posted Apr 02 2013 8:19am

British woman "Taishan" 4 kidnapped by monkeys raised by Qi Conglin

In the United States of America movie "apes" in Taishan, Taishan from human babies mother gorilla kana adoptions, grew up in the Taishan climbs the tree vigorous, climbing vines can come and go freely. But in the real world, there is a female version of "Taishan actually".

According to the British "Daily Mail" web site reported, Yorkshire Bradford housewife Marina Chapman has a little-known story, her childhood had been the discarded in the South American Columbia jungle, is where the capuchin monkeys raised. She personally wrote the memoir "nameless girl" series began in "Sunday post" from March 30th.

Born in Columbia's Marina claimed in 1954 at home near the kidnapping, she was only 4 years old, she was the abandoned in the jungle, and spent 5 years living in there. A group of monkeys took good care of her, she imitate monkeys eating habits and noises, and even to climb trees. She is fully integrated into the monkey group, the only difference is that, in the hollowed trunks to sleep in her night.

Marina gradually in the jungle, completely have the fake oakley ability to feed themselves, only once by eating poisonous tamarind fell ill. She recalled the "nameless girl", was a terrible pain in my stomach, a monkey dragged her into the river, forcing her to drink the muddy water, spit out the stomach poison, this can save a life. From then on, the relationship between Marina and the monkeys were more closely.

An accidental opportunity, Marina was a hunter found, it was able to leave the forest. But the suffering career did not end, the hunter to sell her to a brothel in the northeastern city of Cucuta of columbia. In the house she was often beaten, fortunately, she accompany before bed pick successful escape, but after living on the streets for years.

Around the age of 15, she became a Columbia family servant. More than 20 years old, the employer because of the need to take her to the Bradford, later she met here "Prince Charming" John Chapman, two people fall in love quickly, and in a few months to tie the knot, then gave birth to two daughters, Marina happy life that the curtain.

Experts found that monkeys receiving human children, to join their group has many precedents. The discovery in 1991 of the Uganda "monkey boy" West Asia, at the age of three or four living in the forest, Hanuman to take care of him, took him to play, fake oakleys foraging, climb trees, has been getting along very well.mtt247122491

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