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BP Sideshow II..Or, Takin’ Names and Kickin’ Asses

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:49pm

Trying to keep it real here. I posted the “Shattered” aka “The Day In The Life of Real Bipolar Chick a day or so ago. Honest feelings… “brain double” used. Actors and actresses portraying bipolar people in movies get to use body doubles. Why can’t I have a “brain double”? Somebody who can step in when the going gets to tough for my tender little grey matter.

So, now it’s time for PART II…..Bipolar RAGE!!! That little devil that sneaks up and bites ya right in the ass to make sure that you are not totally brain dead, yet. Just to make sure that you haven’t become too placid, BPR grabs your grey matter and squeezes really hard. It’s not good…or bad. Not good because you can get yourself in lots of trouble. Not bad because at least you are feeling something.

I’m radiating anger right now. If you had some 3D BP glasses, you’d probably see sharp needle-like rays of bright red shooting out of me from head to toe. Over the years, I’ve kinda learn to roll with it and follow a few rules. Rule one…….stay home if possible. Otherwise, you might find yourself in an ugly fight over a parking spot with a 80 year old man using a walker. Fuck….if he needs a walker, should he have been driving in the first place? NO! Accident in waiting. Rule two…..accept that everything and everyone is a possible trigger for explosive cursing and the need to maime. Rule three…..a very important rule…..HIDE ALL GUNS and other weapons. Now, this is sorta impossible since a really pissed off person can fashion just about anything into an object of destruction. ( When PlayDoh is stuffed in a person’s throat, nose, and other orfices, it can inflict death by suffocation ).

Quote of the day comes from Mary Winkler, who killed her Church of Chirst preacher/husband in Tenn…..”My ugly came out”.

Alrighty, now that all disclaimers are out of the way…..on with The Show.

I want to kick some ass. ? Are you ready to rumble…….?

Here is a list of people that I want to poke in the eyes, kick in the crotch, and put a general slamdown on……

1. Crystal Gail Mangum……you lyin’ skanky bitch. You put three innocent young men thru Hell. And, Ms. Skank, those three boys have families. I hope you are happy now that you’ve put mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc of those boys thru Hell, too. Bring this idiot, Malik Zulu Shabazz, an attorney with the New Black Panthers, when you come to keep your ass-whupping. Instead of being a man and admitting that he was spoke too soon when convicting those boys in the media, Shabazz-a-bangbang said that the boys were still guilty of something. Yeah, guilty of not being a rush to judgement, big-mouth idiot like you, Shabazz. Make it a trio of ass kicking and bring along Mike Nifong. Nifong should be disbarred, fined, and made to strip for all the Duke Lacrosse players. To quote Shabazz (sounds like a Snoop Dog word….well, Shabazz my azz), ““What do we want? Justice! And when do we want it? Now!” the Panthers public shouted.

2. Rosie O’Donnell…..need I say more? Trump should have dropped kicked that stupid loudmouth when he had the chance. 911 conspricy, Rosie? Should a couple of 747’s up your ass and then explain the impossibility of “imploding towers”. And, you, too may bring a friend to the Butt-kicking Ball. Please bring Rose McGowan with you. And, I’ll bring some white boys who have worked hard their whole lives to get ahead. Mz. McGowan, the ex of shock -rocker Marilyn Manson, said that even those the Duke players were found not guilty of raping Mz. Scuzbag, they were, obviously guilty of something. Her reasoning behind this…..she went to school with upper-class white boys just like them and they got by with everything. Rose….be sure and wear that see-thru lil number that you had on at one of those big Hollywood shebangs. It will be amusing to watch your tits bob as you run away from ME…THE BIPOLAR RAGING ASSKICKER!

3. My stepdaughter…..not nearly enough time to go into detail but she is one of those who only call when they need money. She knows better than to call me even when I’m not THE BIPOLAR ASSKICKING MACHINE that I am right now. She calls gullible daddy who swallows her stories hook, line, and sinker, like the big ol’ (b)ass that he is. Check this out…’d have to be an idiot to buy this one. Poor lil daughter (30+ years old) has had a major drug problem for years. Rehab….THREE times. Maybe, that means she never has to say she’s sorry? This chick does not work. Lives off MINE and YOUR taxpayer dollars. Want some free food? Just develop a drug or alkie habit. How ’bout we throw in some fuckin’ medical insurance, too? Do I have insurance? NOOOOOOOO! Today she calls with a bogus (and I can smell scam/bogus a mile away) story about how she was in pain from a car accident that happened a year ago. Apprently, she thinks her dad is stupid (oh wait, he might be) and tells him that her Medicare won’t cover the pain shot that she needs. Hmmmm….yep, she’s right. Medicare doesn’t cover crank. She wanted him to give her enough money for FIVE shots. He told her to call back after he talked to me. Well, she called after he went to bed. I told her to do the same thing that I do, take 2 Alleve and lay on an ice pack. And, if the pains gets unbearable, Hartz makes a tough, leather dog-chew that you can bite down on. If, I’m gonna pay for some feel-good shit, then I’m gonna be the one ingesting the feel-good shit.

4.My brother…….I try to help my brother out. He is BP, too. His cycles actually are more extreme than mine. My brother had never had a real job. Well, he may have actually worked for two weeks in 1990. He buys and sells shit. He use to do it at a flea-market. At that time, he lived in a tent in the woods. He never did move up to the “van down by the river”. I have given my brother lots of stuff over the years to sell. He supposedly was going to give me part of the money. Never. Never. Not once has he given me any money from anything of MINE that I gave him to sell. And, that doesn’t really surprise me. I really never expected him to. I gave him the stuff knowing full well that I was giving him the stuff. Kinda like that old saying to never loan money. If you give it and happen to get it back, it’s a good surprise. My brother also using my address as his address for meds mailed from the VA and anything else. I, being a normally good person (when I’m not THE RAGING ASSKICKIN’ BP), get in my car at my own expense and drive it down to him. Never, I mean NEVER do I ask for anything in return. But, today, I ran into our ex-brother-in-law who decided that I should know what my brother says about me behind my back. It seems that I expect him to give me some of that junk he selling. What a crock of shit. This is not the first time that someone has come and told me that he bad mouths me. Well……fuuuuuucccckkkkk him! He is taller than me and heavier than me. But, I could kick his ass faster than a gnat could spit. I was spoilin’ for a fight so bad this evening, that I started to get in my car and drive down to where he is and call him outside. He has a little building that is on the main street of a small town not far from me. Has it until he gets behind enough in his rent, that is……I’ve bailed him out of that crap more than once. I was seriously thinking about doing it. I conjured up the image of me and my brother brawling in the road and the one town cop pulling up and putting his bullet in his gun and aiming at me. That actually made me laugh, which made me rethink my Rambo-rumble.

5. Vergie/Virgie Arthur…..nothing more needs be said. ‘Cept, I hope she brings those people who sent me emails calling me “white trash” and get this…”uneduated” LOL with her. These people were upset with me for posting elsewhere that I think Vergie is white trash sniffing around for money off a dead daughter.

6.Steven Stanton….The city planning manager in Largo,Florida who was fired for undergoing treatments to become “Susan”. Not because he wants to become she. It’s because of a remark in made on Larry King. He said that he is tired of waking up and being unhappy with the body he is in. Unhappy with the body he is in? …… Well, tough freakin’ shit, Stevsan. How many people do you think are really happy waking up with the body they are in? Shall I go down the list…….anorexics, women who had to have one or both boobs removed due to cancer, morbidly obese people, somebody who just lost a limb in war, sexual abuse victims…..need I go on? GO! Cut off your weiner and have a twat implant. But, don’t expect me to have sympathy for you when you go on media shows. I’ll kick your ass as a he or a she.

There are more but this entry is becoming too long. Besides, I need to go punch something right now.

Feel free to add your own “ass-kicking list”. If you are not a RAGING ASSKICKING BIPOLAR right now, I’ll hunt ‘em down for ya.

Bipolar Affective Disorder = B.A.D.

Editing to add:

Don Imus and Bill Mahr…..these are two really ugly guys. Mahr shows up at bashes with a hot, young chick on his arm. Imus is married to a hot, young chick. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! And, I know that I could take these two old wrinkled, overly made-up geezers.

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