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BP = B and E

Posted Sep 12 2008 12:33pm

I was thinking about Feline’s comment on my breaking and entering experience. It’s true and here’s what happened.

Not long after meeting some of these girls at the other place, I went out of town for a few days. I didn’t take my laptop with me. And, my family was with me. I had began to get that little bbbzzzzzzz that you feel when you are starting up the rollercoaster and are going to be ringing the M bell on top.During the trip, I began to understand that this was gonna be #1alloutcrazyrunforyourlifesbecauseI’mmanic episode. Sometimes, I am able to guage early on to a certain extent how “high” I’m gonna fly. And,, friends, I was right up there with the Space Shuttle by the time we got to our destination.

Sometime around the second day we were there, I NEEDED to talk to my support group (which is this bunch of fine women on here). I was feeling pretty desperate. Everybody wanted to go out and do something that day but I pleaded “headache” and they went without me. I had an ulterior motive. I watched the guy who lived next door leave for work and come home the day before. I watched him leave for work the same time that day. After he had left and everyone was gone, I strolled over to his house and tried to open the door. Frig it! LOCKED!

So, I went around back to the sliding glass door and violoa!, it was not locked. I went in and found his computer and got online. I caught up with Feline for few minutes. I started getting a little nervous since I wasn’t sure that he lived alone. So, I shut the computer down and left.

It was funny as hell to me and Feline. And I didn’t actually break and enter. I just entered. I did not bother any of his stuff, go thru his drawers, open his frig, etc. I just used his computer. But, looking back now, I see how the mania made me very brave and very careless. Holy carp!!!!……What if somebody had walked in or seen me and called the cops?????!!!!!! EEEEiiiiiiiii…….wouldn’t be good!

Once before, I did something totally stupid without using any sense when I was manic. It was the 3rd of the month, check day for old people. There was a very elderly lady in the meat department. She picked up a roast and put it back down. Picked it up again and put it back down. She saw me looking at her and said, “I really can’t afford that roast but I sure would like to have it.”

NO PROBLEM, LITTLE OL’ LADY……..I stuck around the store like I was with the Green Berets or Navy Seals looking for my weapon. Aha! Found it. A stockboy had just set it down. What was it? One of those pricing guns, of course. I proceeded back to the meat department and started marking down whatever the old people wanted. They thought that I worked there. AND…..most of them got checked out before I got caught. And, yes, I did get caught. But, I knew the manager of the store. He was really pissed off at me but let me go with a promise to never do that again. He could have called the cops. So, that’s another situation that I could have gotten into a lot of trouble for.

Haven’t committed any insane criminal acts for quite a while. And, I won’t unless I get really manic!

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