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Posted Aug 23 2008 3:19pm
The need for silence is gone, thanks for helping me regain my balance! Not sure what that was all about and haven't had a lot of time for reflection, so I'll have to put it to one side for now. I know I was furiously mad at myself, very agitated etc etc. It gets boring sometimes repeating the same old list of symptoms. I know that this morning and yesterday I have been very 'active' so not sure, but may be headed towards hypomania after this relatively long stretch of hypomania which then turned to baseline/normal for the last while.

I have a very strong suspicion that the support and kind words I recieve here are making a huge difference in heading off bad things. I know I didn't have enough support in my life before, due to shutting people out and basically emotionally cocooning. This is big for me, and I consider myself so, so lucky to have found all of you here.

Drake is still not able to go to school because of his mouth pain and fever. It's the Herpes Virus.. mouth version of course... which in it's initial outbreak in children can be absolutely horrendous, with sores all throughout the mouth, fever, vomiting. This is my third child now with this as Jord had it when he was the same age. And that's what Lucy just got over. I'm suspecting they picked it up from my Mom who get's the odd outbreak of cold sores so must be a carrier of the virus. Don't tell here though, she'd feel mortified that she was the root of such pain and suffering! ;) Must run & get more 'Boost' for the invalid.

Mom & Drake last Christmas

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