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Bipolar Rage

Posted Apr 30 2006 12:00am
If you are not a reader or subscriber of BP Magazine. I strongly suggest you at least visit their site occasionally. They distribute four issues a year, I hope someday more.

The 2006 Spring issue I found particular on point. Three great topics all in one issue; Bipolar and sleep, creativity, and anger. It is not always so much about providing information that I do not know, but providing fellowship. The later is what I was most happy to see printed in a media form.

One of the most disrupting Bipolar symptoms in my life has been rage. Sudden rage, at the flick of a switch. I say sudden, which it is, because the rage does come so very fast. However, in my Bipolar years I have learned that there can be a lead up of events, triggers that I may not have even recognized. I am constantly learning and observing my own emotions. This is a difficult task for anyone, Bipolar or not.

That is part of the Bipolar definition; emotions to far extremes.
Sometimes when life is busy or stressful, and many emotions are trying to make their way around, it is hard to notice anger. It is very important to be cognizant of even the smallest bits of anger and learn how to deal with it in a healthy manner. This is one way I have learned to prevent Bipolar rage episodes. I wish there was more discussion on this topic. This is why I was so happy to see BP Magazine print an article on it.

In my experience I seem to find many articles, books, and support groups related to Bipolar Disorder and depression or mania. Sometimes there are small sections dedicated to anger and rage, but never enough. Bipolar rage I think is sometimes kept quiet. Maybe for fear of exposure. If not given the medication and coping mechanisms it can be detrimental to relationships and lives. With the proper knowledge, psychiatric care, and anger management a Bipolar with manic rages or mixed episode rages and can improve their lives and overall well being.

I enjoyed reading
BP Magazine Spring Issue Making the most of anger before it gets the best of you!
By Stephen Propst.
Kudos to BP magazine and Mr. Propst for addressing the issue in a manner that did not depict Bipolar individuals in the stereotypical media fashion. The article provides insight and information for dealing with anger and rage.

I encourage everyone with Bipolar, or if you have a loved one with BP, to check out BP Magazine.

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