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Bipolar Rage; Yes, You Can Talk About It...Yes, You Can Manage It

Posted Oct 08 2010 1:32pm
I am coming back to the subject of Bipolar Rage because I find it so discouraging that so many readers feel they are so very alone. Yes there are many ongoing conversations on depression and mania, but the groups that focus on rage are few and far between.

The survivors who are dealing with the rage need tools, support, knowledge, and someone who cares and knows that their rage is not the Survivor as a person or their personality.

The loved ones in the survivor's life also need knowledge. They need to know that they don't have to live this way. There is hope. In the moment the rage seems so out of control there doesn't seem to be any way to conceive this person could actually ever be better, or different.

The fact is the rage is a temporary moment of, well insanity.
I have not had an episode in nearly ten months. Those that know me and have not witnessed a rage episode just can not comprehend that I could ever act in the way I do when I have lost control. They would never hear the words that come out of my mouth during an episode in my entire lifetime. Those few that have witnessed a rage episode say that it was like a surreal moment; they could not believe they were watching the sweet, loving, kind, gentle, me acting the way I was. (I know this sounds familiar to many.)

I will not go into detail about the rage episode specifics. These are unique to the individual. I also don't believe in going in to great detail about negative events that I have obviously learned from, grown, and moved on. I am certainly open to questions, as I am a huge advocate for educating by sharing.

I will say I have experienced the flick of a switch episodes, where your mood changes in the blink of an eye. I have been hospitalized multiple times throughout my Bipolar life. All of which I utilized the time there wisely and never had regrets.
(All of this is written in past posts and will continue to be addressed.)

Lastly, Bipolar Rage does not mean shooting sales clerks, abusing children, pedophilia, going postal, or any other media loved claim to Bipolar Disorder.

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