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Bipolar Rage, Anger Management, Hormones, Blood Sugar, Teenager OH MY!

Posted Dec 03 2006 12:00am
In my years of Bipolar living and learning I think I have become somewhat of an upperclassman of the school of Bipolar Rage. Do not get me wrong, I have not earned a diploma. I do not think anyone can.

I have learned about my own triggers, the emotional or physical settings that can lead up to a rage episode. I know about the extreme importance of prevention and becoming aware of what my body is telling me; anticipating as much as possible.

Most importantly, after many years, I have the right combination of medication for my mixed episodes and hypo-manic states. I also am aware that at anytime this dosage may need adjusting.

This has been a trailblazing journey for myself. Up and down steep mountains, barely making it over boulders and hanging by my pinky finger off of cliffs.

Any Mother or Father with this mercurial illness, waits with the heavy thought in the back of their mind's as their children grow, "Will my baby be Bipolar?".

If the younger years have been calm and the teenage years grow tumultuous, this thought presses ever harder our heart's.

The variables can be endless and must be considered before diagnosis
*Nature vs nurture- the child is displaying the same behaviour he/she has witnessed or been taught; inappropriate anger management.

*Hormones- this is a very difficult time for the teenager.

*Blood Sugar- diet and blood sugar levels can lead to direct mood fluctuations. This can be common in girls who are not eating a proper diet.

*Teenage Life- life is so hard for children, especially teenagers with a parent who has a mental illness.

One of these variables or a combination of any can lead to mood fluctuations, anger, or rage.

There is definitely no need for pro-longed suffering if medication will help.

Yet, there is definitely a need for a long term process of elimination prior to diagnosis. A good doctor or therapist should work with you and not place the Bipolar label simply due to the genetic factor.


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