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Bipolar - Is Anything Working - I'm Confused

Posted Apr 22 2010 5:41am 2 Comments
Is Lithium Working?

I've been taking Lithium for over a year steady now. I've gone from 1 300mg a day, to 1600 mg a day, to 1600 mg a day, and now back to 300 mg. I couldn't take the 1600 mg. It had too many bad side effects. First, let's ask what is Lithium?

First, let's ask what is Lithium?

Lithium is used to treat the manic episodes of manic depression. Manic symptoms include hyperactivity, rushed speech, poor judgment, and reduced need for sleep, aggression, and anger. It also helps to prevent or lessen the intensity of manic episodes.

I've had all of those symptoms and still do, especially the anger.  I like aggression.  Why?  I don't know.  I talk fast and a lot if I'm able.  Sometimes, I never leave the house - I'm afraid I'll do something stupid.  Yes, I isolate.  The only places I go to are the book and grocery stores.  I use excuses not go anywhere else i.e., church, concerts, flea markets, etc.  I don't like crowds.

>I keep going back to the mental health clinic and they ask me the same thing every time.  "So how are you today?"  What am I suppose to say?  I don't feel any differently.  I have depression, compulsiveness, racing thoughts, fatigue, anger, and rushed speech.  Nothing has changed. &nbs

This time it was Risperidone. "Risperidone is an antipsychotic medication. It works by changing the effects of chemicals in the brain.  Risperidone is used to treat schizophrenia and symptoms of bipolar disorder (manic depression). It is also used in autistic children to treat symptoms of irritability."

The drug scares me. It says not to use if you have dementia, which I am in early stages. I have high blood pressure and a liver disease (Hep C). So what am I to do? Take a chance, and be safe and not take it.

You ask why did he prescribe it to me.  I have been having hallucinations - One day I was pulling out the comics that I had sold on eBay.  I had several issues of one comic set.  I counted them to make sure I had the right ones.  I got interrupted and left the room.  When I came back I went to get the comics and the set I was looking for was gone. Just gone! I know I had them at lease I think I had them.  Why would I list them on eBay if I didn't have them?  I kept asking myself “did I lay them down somewhere else.”  That's possible.

To this day I haven't found them.  I hate it when this happens, because I feel like I'm really crazy.  I decided to write the buyer and tell him honestly that I don't know what happen to them and I would give him a refund.  Which reminds me I need to do that.

I'm constantly asking myself "Why am I taking these drugs if their not help."  The only thing different that I can tell is I'm not drinking (Well, I’ll tell you about that later), nor am I smoking.  Have you ever felt like you invented this disease?  Do I really have it?  Is this bipolar talking? Do I have bipolar?

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I totally agree. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I stopped everything.  I know how bad it was before.  My hallucinations were a lot worse, racing thoughts made me want to crawl out of my skin as well and scream.  Even now, I sometimes just want to scream. But I'm afraid someone might hear.  I'm trying to face my fears right now.  I know I really enjoy talking to people that have the same interest as I do as well as understand what I'm going through because know else knows.  I've started reading comics why I don't know.  I'm 58!  But when I go to the comic store and talk to other people there about the comics I get really high about it.  I don't want to be around people that don't have the same interests are problems.  One thing good I was put on another high blood pressure pill and my bp has actually come down. 

These drugs your taking now are there any side effects with those?  What do you do about your activities.  Any interests?

Thanks for writing.




you have all the symptoms that I do .  I take effexor xr. 350mg.  topomax 100 mg.  lamactical and xanax xr 3mg.   No matter what they have put me on I have had these same symptoms.  I have become a hermit, I no longer get out around people even to grocery shop.  I hallucinate or I used to, I donn't know if I do now or not.  I always ask some of my family, did this really happen  or did I just imagine it.  Lithium was a nightmare drug for me, the side effects were horrible.  My stomach was so sore that I could not sit down.   But I still have my highs and lows and I donn't want to be around people or answer phones or answer doors. I think these drugs just suppress the severity of our symptoms.
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