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Bipolar: Has My Son Inherited It?

Posted Jan 21 2011 12:52pm

I'm really hurting today not for me, but for my son.  My son is 35 years old and I have been noticing some radical behavior.  He's not the son I've always  known.  He use to talk to me and now he's quite.  Last weekend he was having to get his two babies ready for two birthday parties.  His wife worked, which is the only day of the week she works.  I'll call my son Mac - he was running around the house like a chicken with his head cut off trying to get everything together.  He was gripping about his wife not having their clothes together, house mess, disorganized tells me latter in the car that he's been to a doctor that prescribed medication for his stress, but only takes it when he needs to become calm.  The pill takes the edge off.  Than he tells me he's used to use cocaine to take the edge off, which worries me.  He's been having nose bleeds and hasn't had them before.

Why would he be telling me this unless he's crying for help.  He's been lying, not going to work, agitated, irritable, angry, checks are bouncing and he's looks depressed all the time. Mac has also been gaining weight and he use to be so vain about his physical appearance. I'm afraid the pressure from work, money, and marriage is really getting to him.  He admitted that to me.

I have bipolar and he might have inherited it.   My mom has it and her mom had it.  I used alcohol to make the pain go away not knowing it was actually making it worse.  Mac has been using wine, liquor and sake to take the edge off him.  His wife has been hiding her wine so he want get it, because he will drink it off.  She doesn't work and stays home with the babies.

I'm also a recovering alcoholic and not what I'm talking about. Mac's dad use to keep a bottle of vodka by his chair during the day and drink it all day.  There's a possibility that he was partaking in the vodka as well.

I really worried about his work.  Lately, he's either late or working from home.  He tells me it's okay with his boss, because he can get more work done.  I think he just can't take it anymore.  His wife doesn't work except on Saturday so he is working to pay for the house, cars, babies, bills, her shopping and much more.  They filed bankruptcy, but even with that is still in trouble.

I'm worried because this isn't helping me either.  What do I do?  I've tried to talk to him and he won't talk.  However, tomorrow he's suppose to come over to get me to do some things and we are going to have a serious talk.  He has too much to lose and I love him very much.  I'll do anything for him to make this okay.  I don't want to lose my only child.

Please God take care of my son. 
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