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Bipolar Disorder; Extreme Happiness Sans Mania

Posted Nov 23 2010 11:34am
Historically, I always feel emotions very deeply. I write about this, as do others. Not the fact that Bipolar Disorder can mean extreme highs and lows; the fact that we actually feel our emotions on an acute level.

I have experienced the genuine love of friendships in the past few days; not romantic love.
My heart is very heavy; with love. I am at a point of perplexity. I never knew I could feel such a sensation.
I can not seem to find the words for this lingering emotion wrapping around my heart and soul for the past two days.

I am not manic; I am actually very serene. I am high on love and friendship.
I now know I will never let these friendships grow away from my heart ever again.

I wish I could spread this feeling to all those who experience isolation, or feel they are happier alone. While being alone is an important skill to learn; to be happy and content without the need of another, the true genuine love of a friend is like a protective wrap around your heart.
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