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Bipolar Abilify X2 (or 3)

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:53pm
Well, we went to see the PDOC and told him about how at first DH was almost manic, doing all sorts of things, then he started having more mood swings, and then how he just started sitting around again.

The PDOC decided that DH wasn't on enough Abilify (5 mg) so he decided to double the dose to 10mg. He said that after 2 weeks, if DH still wasn't doing "wonderful", then he should go up to 15mg. I'm a little skeptical, but this PDOC seems to know his stuff, so I'll trust him, I guess....

Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up the Abilify. YIKES. Cash price-$545.00 <--not a typo!!!!!

With the insurance copay, a month's supply cost $75. The last time I went to pick up medications at the pharmacy, it was $245.00, and that wasn't for the whole month. I've worked so hard to get the price of his meds down. When my health insurance changed the way they do copays, DH's meds were going to be about $900/month, but now we've got them "down" to $245(!). I have no idea where that extra $75 is going to come from. All I can do is keep telling myself that if DH gets better, maybe he'll get a job, or get on disability or something, and the benefits (pay) will outweigh the costs.

I can only hope!
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