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Big Challenge Tomorrow!

Posted Sep 29 2008 12:00am

This may just be a quickie? I’m still trying to work on it, research it and what not but I’m going to a Job/Career Fair tomorrow.


It runs from 1000hrs to 1900hrs so at least I have a wee bit of time to get up showered, dressed and then take the commute downtown.  However, if I want to get lost run around and speak to all of the exhibitors I should probably try and make a full day of it? I should try and spend as much time there as possible? You see, tomorrow is the last day.

EDIT: Thought last day may be good as everyone had gone earlier?

A couple of things prevented me from going earlier.  The weekend exhausting (supposedly relaxing) trip away and the call today where I was supposed to get an interview.  Well, guess who never called to book the interview!

J. (who I had asked to print me off some resumes for the Job Fair), came over tonight so I’d have them for tomorrow.  He said I should just call the “interview woman” and say WTF?! Well, of course a “Professional WFT,” right? So, I did.  About a half hour before they would close.

“No ringy dingy…” *snort*

…shades of Lily Tomlin…

I guess that would be: “One ringy dingy…two ringy dingy…”

Well, that is really how I feel.  No one is talking to me! And so…I am really going to have pull out everything I have tomorrow.  It’s in a huge facility so in a way, that is great! Lots of exhibitors? But it’s also really bad.  For ultra, spasmodic PA, she just might freak out in the middle of the fucking place.  I mean, all the people…crowds! All the noise! Then, if wee PA finally gets to speak to someone who looks like a good fit?

“Yes, hello, pleased to meet you.”

*shakes hands and ensures to make eye contact*

“I am PA.  Erm…I see you do this.  Very interesting.  Well, I am looking for…”

*produces resume with business card attached at some point*

“…and indeed, what I did in my last position, well…yes…however, beyond that, what I would like to do is expand the scope of…some such…to provide you with what you need…”

Even though it’s not even on my fucking resume; I just want to do it because I know I can and it would be more “fun” and a better job!

*PA goes non-verbal*

So, tomorrow should definitely prove interesting.  And hey, there are tonnes of exhibitors that are offering jobs that want people to relocate to another province!

*PA thinks*

Well, if she could get a kick ass salary…?

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