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Becoming Healthy, Feeling Sick.

Posted Dec 07 2009 12:00am

It’s been two months since I’ve stopped drinking.  It’s alright, I’m not looking for a round of applause; no standing ovations. It hasn’t been difficult, but I wonder how much of that is psychological.  You see, I didn’t really quit of my own volition.  I found out that it now gives me incredibly, painful migraines.  It never did before.  If this didn’t occur, I would still be self-medicating by drinking.  I may need to be a bit repetitive here, and with other Posts, as I’m picking up new readers.  So, for some of you, I hope you can bear with that.

I do feel kind of bad about it–needing it get to the point of actually causing me such physical distress.  However, I suppose the end result is all that matters.  As above, because continuing to drink ended up causing me such intense, bodily pain, has it been easier? Of course I have always known it was bad for me! Again, probably not worth pondering.

Since quitting, I’ve noticed some changes that have been happening regarding my body.  I’ve been feeling kind of…”off?” Yes, rather “sick?” I’m not dreadfully ill, but some things are making me feel unwell at times.  Such irony? But before we get to that, some history for those that do not know (or can’t remember some things.)

I have a massive self-medication history with alcohol.  It started in my early to mid-20s.  This was prior to even knowing I had Bipolar, prior to being mis-dx’d, prior to even being properly dx’d! And let us dispense with all of my other dx’s! I was so wingy with my moods, my life, everything! Although, earlier in my life, I never partied or imbibed to such an extent.  Hell, to any extent?

I also have a huge family history of alcoholism.  Not that any genetic links have been proven yet, but boy is there information out there heading in that direction!

This continued for so many years.  One would think that between all of my drinking and all of the meds I have taken as well, I wouldn’t have a single tissue of my liver left! Or even a single cell? I may have the strongest liver known to mankind! I recently had bloodwork done and it’s great! Well, just slightly below normal, but because I am on so many meds, it is no doubt due to that fact.

So, with quitting drinking, what is happening these days? First, my sleep patterns have changed entirely! This would make sense as combining alcohol with my sleep meds would knock me out for a longer period.  I can not remember when I have habitually slept for app. only eight hours a night! However, as a result of this, it’s screwing up my energy levels! At least to some degree? I think? I’m up, I’m down…blech.  Not that this change isn’t good.  It’s preparing me for a more “regular” schedule with the world.  What I need for getting a job? Still! It’s making me feel like crap at times!

Next? My Gastronomy (NOTE: used out of context.)  G”Astronomy,” indeed! You could very well look up at the sky, and compare it to my stomach issues! I have had them all my life, but several years ago something happened that became utterly inexplicable! My symptoms ran the gamut from: IBS, IBD, Coeliac, Malabsorption, Ileitis, Crohn’s, Colitis, Cancer.  I am not joking about the Cancer.  What may have tipped the scales in favour (or not so much a favour), of that one, was losing 15lbs. in two weeks!

People, I am already very tiny.  Chopping 15lbs. off me is extreme! Not to mention, I had already lost 15lbs.!!! And yes, that much in two weeks kind of got everyone’s attention.  Tests were done all over the place and no answers.  Other than “something” was wrong with my lower intestine.

I still haven’t gained all of that last 15lbs. back, by the way.  I probably never will! Thanks a lot, gastro problems.

Now, back to stopping drinking! Some of my sx. have returned!!! I need to call Gastro Man.  Plus, with my recent bloods, my anaemia is a bit dodgy again.  Yes, I became anaemic for the first time ever, even though I felt just fine.  My energy levels were great (not so much as they are now.)  That may be more than just the changes in sleep? Also, we wanted to constantly monitor my Ferritin, anyway.  If I’m at a potential risk of dropping back down, maybe we should just shoot me back up now and not worry about it?

One odd thing that I could never understand as well, was that drinking beer alleviated my stomach pain! Why? Sure, drinking for “medicinal purposes,” right? *laughing*

I was having a conversation some time ago with someone (yes, about alcohol and our favourite drinks), and this person said they liked a beverage I had never heard of.  It contained “bitter hops.”  They also told me it was good for stomach ailments.  I see…  It made me wonder if the hops in beer would work the same way.  I could never find anything via research, but it did make me wonder.

Great.  If that’s true: “Bye bye beer, hello tummy pain! Welcome back!”

Ah, well.  Kicking the booze is good, of course.  Irony? That one’s always debatable… *smirks*

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