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Ambien Hell

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:45am 4 Comments

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I’ve suffered from crazy sleep patterns and insomnia for the last 5 years. Tuesday while cleaning out a kitchen drawer, I came across two Ambien pills from months ago. “AHA,” I thought, ” sweet, sweet sleep tonight!” I went to bed around midnight and woke up at 5:00 am…… I mean wide awake…..the manic kind of awake. After a few minutes, I started counting my blessings and praising Ambien to high heaven. I wondered why I quit Ambien in the first place. This was greeeeeaaaat! Extreme amount of energy all day. Has anyone done any reserach on Ambien causes mania? I did a quick search but couldn’t find anything. I do know that lack of sleep can trigger mania. So, maybe, it was the fact that I haven’t been sleeping the whole night through in quiet a while.

Last night, I was still not tired and still feeling a little jittery and manic. I did the only logical thing that I could think of at the time. I took the other Ambien. And, it produced one of the scariest nightmares that I have had in a long time. The following could be disturbing for some readers. It is a horrible dream. If you get upset easily, do not read any further.

The temperature was rising outside more and more. It has been unusally hot here lately. But, this was an unbearable heat. I had to go somewhere….don’t remember where. As I went out to my car, the grass was really brown and I noticed several praying mantis laying on the gravel on my driveway. They were brown and dried up…..totally scorched. This startled me quite a bit. I got in my car and headed out. When I hit the paved road (not very far at all), the pavement was melting from the heat. My car would not go very fast because the tires were melting and sticking to the pavement. I went a few miles farther to a four lane highway. I was almost in front of a Wal-Mart when I saw that traffic was at a standstill. The cars had sunk into the pavement and were stuck. I soon realized that my car was stuck, also. Some people were cursing and some people were praying. And, then, it hit me. This was the end of the world. All of the water on earth was drying up and the earth was becoming too hot for us to live on it. I had this awful revalation about what the Bible says about the earth being destroyed by fire. I looked up at the sun and saw that it was about twice as big as normal and was getting bigger…………. Go to fullsize image

I woke up. My head hurt really bed. I was sweating buckets. I had a stiff neck. In other words, I felt like total crap. I can’t say that all this was related to Ambien. I have no proof….except for the fact that I believe it was.

Has anyone else had any experiences like this on Ambien?

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I have been taking ambien on a regular basis for few years now but the past few nights ive been awake even though I am still taking my ambin. Usually you can tell when you have fallen asleep. I cant remember getting any sleep. Horrible headaches, and i dream while my eyes are open and im fully aware of my surroundings. like a movie on the insides of my eyes. :/ My dreams are much more graphic and . . . Morbid as much as I cannot really share them on the internet. Just some crazy stuff about deaths in the family and it somehow being linked to something inside my brain and mental patterns that was setting people off. I dont kn0ow what all of this means . . .

but i can tell you this, I HAVE BEEN FORGETTING EVERYTHING LATELY. I dont even remember if i was able to take my bipolar meds yesterday O.O

Ambien and Ambien CR are very tricky medications. I was on them for 3+ years and they stopped working quite abruptly.  Although they do not "cause" mania, they can give you symptoms like mania or psychotic imagry.  Along with the sleep walking, I had hallucinations and quite frankly experienced everything negative about the medication. Eventually insomnia cames into play, the exact thing I was trying to overcome.  Medications are trial and error and not one drug fits all.  Sleep disturbances caused by sleep apnea can also interrupt sleep. Often physicians prescribe Restoril for sleep apnea patients with insomnia because it does not cause the sleep walking that Ambien does. for patient feedback.
I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Ambien) I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
Finally took the big step. After realizing that I have been on Ambien for almost 8 years enough was enough.  Just like you, Kitty, the night terrors worsened and the restless sleep increased. My psychiatrist suggested an anti-depressant but since I am Bipolar 1 it had to be the perfect mix.  To my delight, Trazodone has done the trick.  It helps keep my depression at bay and 8 minutes after ingestion I am drowsy and ready for sleep.  The best part is I can wake up anytime through the night, do whatever is necessary (i.e. let out the dog, get a drink of water etc.) have complete knowledge of my actions and fall back to sleep.  The dreams are constant and true! I highly recommend anyone speaking with their pdoc about this alternative (tried and true medication).  Good luck!
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