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Posted May 13 2013 5:03pm

Have you ever found yourself swimming with the alligators and wonder where the heck they came from?? 

Here is a guide to alligators:

  1. They are real.  Above all else they are real.  Danger is part of life.  There things, people, events, situations in life that will hurt you.  And like their cousin the alligator you may not know until they are right upon you.  Not everything is an alligator.  But because danger is not everywhere it does not mean danger is no where.
  2. Do not go where you know they live.  If you know a gator lives somewhere do you really need to check and see if they are home??  Do you really need to see if their teeth are as sharp as they were last time? 
  3. If you see them sitting there waiting on you dont come check them out.  The farther away you can see them the safer the next step is.
  4. If someone tells you they are safe and he has swum with them before dont believe them.  He has lost arms or legs and is counting on you not to notice.
  5. Despite what anyone tells you the water is not fine if an alligator awaits.
  6. Catching an alligator asleep one time does not make you more likely to find him asleep the next time.  Eventually if you hang out with things that bite you will get bitten.
  7. If you must get in the water know how to get out.
  8. If you do get bitten dont be an easy meal.  Have a survival plan.
  9. Learn from your experience.  There is no law that says you must be committed to dumb or foolish things.
  10. Dont let danger be all you experience.  There is much in the water to treasure and be grateful for.
  11. Dont blame the water.  There are alligators on dry land too.

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