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All kinds of reel! CiShiPing age all show LBJ was air before he has

Posted Jan 19 2013 3:41am
The Los Angeles lakers will staples, against the defending champion Miami heat, the lakers to a 90-99 loss to the heat; The whole game, play CiShiPing 37 minutes, 11 throw in 5, cut down the 16 points and 3 rebounds and three assists, eat to five fouls. In order to defend lebron, CiShiPing suffered every hell, but still can't restrict the emperor. A dozen bucks, CiShiPing play good, in 33 minutes contribution 12 points and 6 rebounds, three assists and 2 shots, and pass on kobe Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 Bryant and play warcraft. The whole game, he present situation, the lakers versus 27 points, positive and negative value (+ 27) the highest ranked team. So in today's game, CiShiPing playing with confidence, very aggressive. The start of the game before long, he was into the basket ball, the ball will be firmly into the basket. May be too confident, then CiShiPing ball in the backcourt, see he didn't get the ball to Steve Nash, but his ball to front court, wanted to attack the basket, but I didn't know, direct dribbling out a mistake. It is because appear too many mistakes, the lakers once by the heat pressing, but later they gradually will match back to the same starting line, which CiShiPing played a key role. The first quarter to 3 points 33 seconds, CiShiPing cause find moss foul, two free throws, followed by he received pau gasol passing hit a 3-pointer to tie the game to and flat. Time before the end of the day, CiShiPing again in three points outside the lines to opportunity, this time he still decisive moves, the ball hit again, to help the Cheap Nike Air Yeezy 2 lakers win 2 points, the score for 43-41! The first half, CiShiPing 6 for 3, cut down the top ten points, and Howard coordinate. But in the defensive end, CiShiPing face of great pressure, he's main defense lebron. From the start, lebron state is very brave, half cut down and points. But CiShiPing or in a defensive display hardline nature, time remaining section 34 seconds, Nash pass by mistake, lebron steals, middle road wade quickly ran forward field, if let wade in the past, the heat and will be performed wonderful fast break, see CiShiPing and dwyane wade run side by side, the hand also accompanied by action, from trying to wade, then the referee's whistle rang, continued to look after the video, they are still CiShiPing calls for a common foul. When the referee's whistle, CiShiPing appears very do not understand, also very angry, obviously think they are innocent, he also hit the ball to anger. In the second half, CiShiPing wanted to send force again, but it is thought, he soon in lebron body to eat to foul, have to end off, and it made him again on refereeing decisions dissatisfied with end, look very ugly. Small play again, CiShiPing once played well, first Cheap Nike Air Yeezy hit two free throws, then send out key assists to help the lakers tied the score, and then they begin to entwine, but at the end of the day, the heat or the points difference once again pulled open, the lakers helpless, can only helpless lose the game. Although CiShiPing on the offensive end of performance is good, but in the defensive end, he always can't restrict lebron. The whole game, lebron 25 shots off 17, of 39 points, before the end of the game is still in CiShiPing body into 2 + 1. The first half, the lakers' 45-44 lead the heat, but Bryant nine shots, just hit two goals, including three-pointer 3 0, an only four points and one rebound, no assists send out, also appeared four turnovers, and wade, half in just 5 of 10 had 13 points and two assists. For the lakers, if you want to win the game, kobe Bryant must find state, but after the start of the third quarter, Bryant seems to remain in sleepwalking, come up and then dribble out, again send out mistakes. As for shooting, let alone, can only be frequent the iron is hot. The third quarter to nine points 57 seconds, Bryant forced down to the basket, even if CiShiPing appear open, he also have no choice, and the results were passing by Nike Air Yeezy 2 Shoes the heat, and then release the failed to hit. Then there are more embarrassed when kobe Bryant at the free-throw line area back to make moves, the result is wade cover to turn over in the ground. Wade not play play, Bryant want to ray Allen back on the face, before the end of the day he welcomed the opportunity, but Allen stick very tight, make kobe Bryant is very afflictive, result his shot or break. Before the end of three, the lakers have eight points behind, kobe Bryant and throw 3, only get 9 points, also appeared six turnovers.
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