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Adu exposure, barca recently frequent mutual spray KD: thunder offensive and defensive frustrating

Posted Jan 30 2013 2:22am
intervention, inappropriate behaviour. "We will hunt players - often are passive side - to put them to a horse. I hope you didn't do this. Obviously, hunter has turned its back on your trust." Analysis of the NBA's official website that, if the union decided to sack hunt, may be the first player to represent vote (each soccer Nike Air Max 2012 Mens team two representative, altogether sixty people). In addition, the trade union and composed of nine players executive committee, but because no election last year, the commission now has seven vacancy. It is reported that during all-star weekend will hold new elections.Beijing time 1 month and day, thunder on the road to a 96-105 loss to the lakers in the hand, after the game, making Oklahoma people will surrender the west position to the SAN Antonio spurs. In fact, the recent performance of ups and downs, from Beijing time on January 21, to 1 month and day five games, thunder record only 2-3. But the thunder speaking, the team also hide a time bomb, recently according to Oklahoma local media the Oklahoma city people, reported, the team take charge of star Kevin durant and power forward the barca in recent games frequently squabble, two people have more than one time blunt yelling at each other. In an interview, durant is not taboo it, asked if he is Nike Air Max 2012 Womens for the team in the offensive end recent performance feel frustrated or in the defensive performance feel frustrated, he said: "both." According to the Oklahoma people news reporter Darrell - may cloth that, in some of the recent game, Kevin durant and the barca frequent yelling to each other. Durant and did not disclose the more details of the dispute, but he did not deny this, just said, each player intention between is simple, that is to try to let the other side behave better."We're just trying to help everyone can better performances, all men are in so doing." Durant said, "when there are times when I made a mess of things, so he will tell me. Nike Air Max 2011 And there are times when he made a mess of things, I will go to tell him. We respond to each other in this way, just want to help each other out, and then let us both finish better job." And when asked about durant recent this defeat, the feeling of frustration is from the team's defensive or offensive end, durant call a spade a spade to said: "both. I think we should be back on track, there are times when we need to calm down, and then focus on the game." At present in the thunder 45 of the regular season, obtains the 34 games and negative record, behind the spurs a games second in the west.According to CBS sports report, if the trail blazers oden before first return in the future, he is Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 likely to choose Miami heat or Cleveland cavaliers, in local time next week, oden will travel to the Miami heat President pat riley and their communication. According to people familiar with the news, oden will in next week to visit Miami pat riley and Miami. And Miami and cavaliers is currently the most hope to get oden team. But oden in the two teams to select among, may get salary have very big difference. At present the Miami heat and don't have enough salary space it is likely that they can only be oden provides a base salary contract. Cleveland cavaliers won't be the same, they can for Greg oden provides a value of nearly $4 million contract. Miami in the very early before they expressed auden's favor, this time they seek to introduce oden, also hope to be able to for the team looking for a true centers in the player. In addition, the league of in addition to Miami and cavaliers at present to oden interested, and some of the other team to oden intentionally, the celtics also hope to be able to get oden. But according to oden side friend's news, oden tend to the cavaliers or Miami the two teams to select among team tried out. 2007 NBA champions show oden just 25 years old, because many times before by
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