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A Very Special Christmas That Dreams Are Made

Posted Dec 24 2010 9:17am

I recently made a move to Wilmington, NC from my home town Dallas, Texas. To be exact - 25 days. It was a bold move on my part leaving behind my parents wh0 both have Alzheimer's/Dementia and my brother. I took care of mom and dad for two years and it got to be very stressful and depressing. I have bipolar so it was hard to cope with. My brother has taken over my task.

The person I did leave behind that I miss very much is Cody, my black Pomeranian. I hope to bring him here when I can afford it. He was my savior and angel. I feel he actually saved my life - how? Two years I was feeling lost and lonely. I have bipolar, but I'm also a recovering alcoholic. I was drinking every night and some days. I didn't know I had Bipolar until May 2009 and I've had it since I was very young.

Cody, seemed to know when I was self-destructive. When I brought out my bottle and of course my cigarettes he would leave the room. At times he would come in the room and just sit there staring at me like he was telling me something. Other times he would just walk across the room with his head down and occasionally look up at me with discuss and leave the room. At first, I didn't notice this, but then I did and I started feeling guilty. Then I started feeling bad knowing he was receiving second-hand smoke and the thought of him dying because of my smoke would kill me. He was one of the people who saved my life and the other was God.

I prayed a lot for God to save my life. I asked for forgiveness everyday. I would talk to him everyday like talking to my best friend telling him my dreams. He has brought me through a death, deadly disease, and now helping me with my Bipolar. He has talked to me through other people and I feel he was talking to me through my dog. There is one rule - YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE.

Believe I did. How can you not when you start seeing things miracles, I call them "God Things." There's so much to list and I hope to tell you about them soon. Right now I want you know I'm living one of my dreams now.

Today it's Christmas Eve 2010, and I'm living in a beach cottage in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. It's 9:00am and I'm waiting for my son to come and get so we can spend Christmas together. I have two beautiful grand kids Noah 3, and Levi 1. I've been dreaming of this for a long time and I finally made the bold decision to move here. I'm not sure if it's permanent, but I have 5 months to make that decision.

Having my son, daughter-in-law, and grand children with me for Christmas is the most special feeling I can have. However, I do miss my mom, dad and Cody. I pray for them all the time to hope they are safe. I left my dog so they would not feel so lonely and have a friend for Christmas. The will be alone, but I know God will be there to keep them safe.

I want to thank god for giving me my life to be able to see my grand children and this day. Merry Christmas to everyone.
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