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A silver Maybach slowly stopped to shallow front

Posted Sep 14 2012 8:18am
Deep suddenly remembered her yesterday that KFC girl. Slightly surprised, how the pair of thin body of security to him a 1 meter 86 men hospitals? Or in kind of late at night? He just felt incredible, but am overwhelmed. Borrowed a cell phone to the doctor, to the assistant called to explain the situation. Shallow in the river deep call to wake up and see his face good voice full of gas, will calm down. Said: "You wait a minute, I'll get you to buy some porridge to drink." Answer, not waiting for the river to deep self-serving hurry to leave the river to deep gently still call.
Shallow came to the hospital cafeteria, bought a porridge. It was expensive to five dollars. She can not help but secretly distressed, while complaining about hospital profits, five dollars for her, enough to pay for two meals. Greening of the hospital is very good, full of lush trees and a wide variety of flowers, the way back to the ward, shallow breathing filled with green plants breath of air, heart unspeakable meet. Meet what is it? Perhaps only shallow people know: this time, there is no life fade away in front of her, and she was powerless to do anything.

You remember I called Jiang to deep

Jiang to deep in to assistants Song Yuzhe got off the phone, on and fell asleep, my mind constantly emerge that stubborn girl and warm eyes, in this sense, have to sleep extremely sweet and secure.
Woke up and realized that the sky has been dark. Has been change to a separate ward, a good environment, quiet, but it seems to have deserted. Evidently Song Yuzhe has been given a free hand, he transferred to the Group's nursing home. Allow full-time duty the nurses recruited Song Yuzhe, asking him to send her to the hospital girls, Song Yuzhe said he to advance medical expenses after she returned, the girl hurried away, and the directorate and his wife reported his condition very Worried about being returned to the road ...
Gone? So go? River to the deep mind feel buzzing Song Yuzhe behind what I listen, I do not know why, a sudden sense of loss, he did not even know her name, that the name of the girl with a warm smile, "savior "'s name.
Since resigned from KFC, shallow nonstop began his career again looking for work. Only weekend tutor revenue, shallow, is far from enough. Shallow Except school every day, all the time holding candidates a recruitment newspapers everywhere. But work can there be so good looking? Days walked quietly in the shallow again and again rebuffed.
Instant approaching Christmas, when dorm mates lively discussion of how to spend a romantic Christmas Eve with her boyfriend, shallow emotions has been very low. The father of medicine and eating, but still did not find a suitable job, she needed money to buy medicine. Fortunately, Christmas is coming, and shallow to decide the own wholesale some trinkets on Christmas Eve to sell on the street, I hope a little money, how much contention father first solve the drugs problem. Thought of the father is pain and suffering the pain, and the light can not sleep on the heartache. So in the morning of the 24th, and the light early on to get up, a three-hour car ride came to the outskirts of the small commodity wholesale market, crowded to squeeze in a noisy crowd, the traders have the bargain half a day later, he very low wholesale price similar tail ring, small hairpin like inexpensive trinkets. Shallow hit from the bottom of my heart, hope in this romantic evening, from couples who earn enough money to help my father to buy medicine. This strong desire to make shallow excited and energetic. Return to the town, and is already at six in the afternoon, the day has almost dark, shallow and quickly put on a small stall in the bustling commercial street. Have Rangrang snowflakes drifted down at this time.
A piece of white snowflakes from the sky slowly drift up this warm holiday adds a romantic atmosphere. A piece under the neon lights, the couple have hugged excited to celebrate this romantic heaven coming. The big boys looking at a pair of happy embracing couple, and the light suddenly remembered Qi Jun, that has given her unparalleled happiness. Remembered his affection, his clean, childish, and he once said that he loved her.
Also seems to be on Christmas Eve, equally full of romantic snowy night, the same sweet couple. Her in his arms, happy feel breathing difficulties young they do not have the sorrow, like any pair of high school couple enjoying the kind of sneaky sweet. In the cold winter, Qi Chun always holding her little hand, pour into his own warm coat, her ears will be lying on his chest, quietly listening to him as she accelerated heartbeat, lift beginning you can see his Chongni eyes. At that time, even breathing, are sweet.
Qi Jun, you been? Shallow hand to catch a snowflake, watching it slowly melt in their palms, muttering.
"This butterfly hairpin pretty!"
"Like I give you!"
A young couple's dialogue shallow pullback from my thoughts. Shallow and quickly greeted business, trying to drive away their grief busy work.
Worthy Christmas Eve, no one would mean their money in such a wonderful day, one night basically sold out all the trinkets, and the light feel satisfied very. After 11:00 pedestrians on the street should be reduced gradually the shallow bow silently to clean up their own small stalls, ready to shut the shop and go back to school.
Fast twelve, do not know that there is no bus? Shallow silently in their hearts want. If there is no bus, it would have to walk back to the school. Shallow is really tired today, but whatever the outcome, earn 200 yuan this point that she felt very good.
Shallow dragged his exhausted body went to the bus station, a distance to the bus stop there. Shallow immediately flew up, ran with open arms to each other shouting: "Please wait for me!" May when she was inside the bus station about 10 meters when the car slowly leaving the.
Shallow bend over clutching his stomach and knocks panting. "Why not wait me ah? Even you bully me if I was?" The shallow resentment and helpless shouted, day of exertion, miss aligned Jun, seems to get a vent in the roar, he felt relaxed lot.
A silver Maybach slowly stopped to shallow front. A man wearing khaki windbreaker, elegant Lakaichemen, slowly walked over to him. At that moment, she seemed to see Qi Jun, the handsome, the same self-confidence. Qi Jun, why after so long, I still can not forget your face. Once happy, still fresh in our memory, you occasionally will think of me?
"Shallow the Soviet Union, who bullied you, ah?" Man vigorous and full of magnetic voice will be shallow back to reality. No, he is not Qi Chun, Qi Chun is not so, when she last mean enough to throw off his hand retain both of them like two parallel lines, there will be no intersection.
"Who are you? How do you know my name? What do you want?" Shallow subconsciously seize their own bags, vigilant watching this handsome man.
"You really do not remember me yet?" To see shallow to a puzzled expression, Jiang deep Dungan Lost looks it so easy to forget?
"Excuse me, I look it seems that we really do not know." Shallow do not want to do more entangled, leg ready to go.
"KFC, hospital, gastric perforation." Jiang deep seize shallow arm, indomitable remind shallow, it seems that we must allow her to think of their own.
"Oh, you, ah." Shallow dawned.
River to deep bent To shallow sent back to school, and the light had wanted to politely refused, the river deep discourse that seemed people should not be denied overbearing, powerful gas field can not refuse so shallow. And shallow really tired. Every time, just think of the Qi Jun, the shallow heart Xinrudaoge like uncomfortable, or even lose their own principles, just like singing missing is a disease.
They quietly sitting in the car, Jiang seems to deep focus on the car, and shallow immersed in their own thoughts, the seeds of longing suddenly today first emerged in her psychological soaring, depression, shallow feel very uncomfortable.
To the school gate, shallow channel thanks, ready to leave. Her Lakaichemen we should get off the river to deep suddenly seize a shallow arm. Shallow taken aback, Jiang suddenly in deep: the, "Su shallow, you remember, I called Jiang deep.

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