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A pox upon my fluffy lil head

Posted Jan 04 2010 6:42pm
Isn't continuity a wonderful thing? My last cold for the old year has become my first cold of the new year, oh yay me *weep*

Nights have been horrible as it is somewhat difficult to sleep when you are coughing up your left lung while the right one waits its turn. I have been getting the cold a little too often for my liking, it is getting in the way of..I don't know, my enjoyment of life, sleep, exercise, ME!

A few have suggested that its stress related, I tend to bottle things up forever a while and have in the past few weeks been very lax on my routines. I have to have a routine, things have to be done in a certain (albeit in my own special haphazard) way or else I fall apart. Ah well bed rest for the next few days and then I will take it from there I suppose, its all I can do really.

In totally unrelated news, we have finally discovered the reason for the wandering cat bowls in the kitchen. It has occurred to us on more than one occasion that they are frequently at a slant and more to the middle of the room. Whilst sitting on the step this afternoon I observed Hellcat aka Tweakers lying a little away from both bowls with an expression of utter and complete boredom on her face, you know that look cats get? yes that one. She then proceeded to slowly stretch out a paw in front of her until it was barely touching one of the bowls to all the world looking like "oh my poor aching paw felt a bit cramped", just barely hooks it and pulls the side with the water towards her so that she can lie exactly where she is and have a drink. I just sat there and looked at her shaking my head at this new (okay not so new as the bowls have been being pulled to centre of the kitchen for a while now) low on her part and wondered not for the first time since getting her..why? Not why anything, just why?
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