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A Hero to our American Hero's; a Pioneer in Fighting for Mental Health

Posted Oct 31 2010 8:28am
Kim Horner, of The Dallas Morning News, captures a farewell to a retiring Dallas psychiatrist in her article,
"To Homeless Veterans, Retiring Dallas VA Psychiatrist is a Hero"

Dr. Feiner has been a huge difference to many lives over his years. Providing treatment to those who would not receive proper care, or any care, under the current mental health system.

His fight for equality in mental health services began back in 1965.
"As a volunteer for the Medical Committee for Human Rights, he had to have a guard while assisting black patients who had been denied care, seeing the threats of the Ku Klux Klan firsthand."

Dr. Feiner did more amazing work for the mentally ill, homeless, Veterans.
The article states, "In Dallas 1 in 5 homeless persons are Veterans." according to the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Our nation is in desperate need of more people like Dr. Feiner to take care of our nation's heros. It is dumbfounding that so many return with a mental illness, at some end of the spectrum, and our government does not provide treatment, medication, or after care. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder being amongst the most common.. We have neglected our hero's and when they come home they encounter more battles, and end up lost in the system.

"There are people who spent 15 and 25 years in and out of state hospitals and jail until Dr. Feiner got a hold of them," said Janie Metzinger, public policy director of the local chapter of Mental Health America.

Despite all the research on how treatable and manageable these various mental illness'
are, many states continue to cut the budgets for mental health care.
Yet, so many jump to complain about the homeless in their neighborhood.
For some reason society seems to be ignorant that most of them are mentally ill are in need of health and/or a Veteran in need, with our without a mental illness.

Change desperately needs to happen. It starts in your own community. If you want the homeless out of your neighborhood support the causes for mental health. Assure your community has resources for the mentally ill to seek help.

We need more citizens, doctors, therapists like Dr. Feiner.
Patients and mental health advocates credit him with changing the lives of people often written off as hopeless cases.

Happy Retirement Doctor Feiner!!!

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