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“The Notebook”- for real

Posted Apr 18 2010 6:41pm

“The Notebook” is one of my favorite movies.  It is about a man whose wife has Alzheimers disease and his efforts to save her– if only for brief moments.  He reads her a story that is written in “The Notebook”.  The story is a love story, but it is their story and he hopes that it will strike something in her and she will come back.  It is as moving a story about the staying power of love as I have ever found.  At the end of the movie you could just hope that in reality it could be like that.

Today I met John

His wife has Alzheimers disease and lives in a nursing home. John lives there too.  But the only reason he lives there is because he loves her and doesnt want her to be scared or to be lonely or to ever forget how much he cares.  During the days he sits with her and hugs her and talks softly.  He smiles a lot and tells her that it is going to be okay.  At night he leaves and goes up one floor and sleeps there.  They wont let him stay on the Alzeimers unit.

He is a quiet man.  He doesnt really see what he is doing as a big thing.  Its what people do who love each other.

The movie was great.  The real thing was better.

Today I met John and it was a really good day.

This song is for John:

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