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Posted Mar 05 2013 9:41pm

Do you ever wonder why it is we love? Why is it that we were masses to love deeply, to love truly, to love without reservations and in such a manner that when that object of our love and affection is taken from us that we feel as if our world is coming to an end. That pain we feel, that real tangible pain stays with you for years and sometimes you cannot help but wonder why love in the first place?  Would it not just be better to never love so that you never have to feel that sort of pain.

The thing is we were not made to do anything other than to love and be loved.  I pity everyone who had ever lost a loved one or who has suffered a heartbreak or any other type of loss. I wish I could say that it gets easier, it does in a way yes it does but in other ways it still rips it you apart every so often.

Today is my day and in the next month or so there shall be many more days like this.

Happy birthday

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