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24 Hours In Disturbia and Why The Hell is That 8 Foot Cow Staring at Me?

Posted Sep 29 2008 8:11pm

Uneasy day. Started out with my cracked-addicted stepdaughter calling for money again. Her father turned her money request last night down. I’m trying by best to make him understand that he is not helping her by giving her money. He is being an enabler and that’s all. She came into my life when she was 3 years old. I really enjoyed her. I learned to love her. The only problem was her mother was always inserting herself into the picture. I don’t mean like normal stuff….seeing her when I picked her daughter up. I mean chatty little phone calls like she thought we were best buds.  Problems started when E was in her pre-teens. Hubby never knew what to do with her. So, I’d make plans for us to go to parks, circus, something to spend time together. If for some reason, I wasn’t able to go (usually due to work), he only took her shopping and bought her lots of brand, new, shiny toys. As she got older, those toys turned into expensive little trinklets like high price brand name purses, shoes, etc. I tried to talk to him about this Disneyland Dad approach but it landed on deaf ears. Over the years, E chose to not visit but spend time with her wild friends instead. BUT, when she wanted that pair of earrings or new coat, she called dear daddy who always came through. It was like he was her ATM. Again, I tried to talk to him and tell him that she was no longer viewing him as her father but as a source of cash. We got in fights about it. And, when I say, that it wasn’t the money (except when she asked for outlandish things that even I couldn’t have and fuck it, I was working for that damn money), he would scoff at me. She needed a father to spend time with her. When E was 16, her mother who had remarried moved to another state. E decided to stay behind with her stepfather’s family. They were older people and didn’t really know what to do with a teen. So, she ran wild and I do mean wild. She got into the drug scene early. At 19, she hooked up with a guy whose ambition in life was to stay stoned or drunk. They had a daughter and lived with his widowed mother. She would often ask me to babysit for an hour or two. I didn’t mind. Her little girl was sweet. But, then she wouldn’t come back for 10-12 hours and the little girl would be crying for her mo since she had been told that her mom would be right back.That marriage broke up due to some screwing around. She took her daughter and went to her mother’s. She called us from time to time and everytime it was for money. Never was there any inquiries as to how her dad, her stepsisters, or I were doing. This got pretty damn old. A few years ago, she called to get my husband to co-sign for a car. I had reservations for finally agreed to help her out. She quit making payments and we had to finish paying for the damn car. Now, she’s back and calling again. She calls and ask for “Daddy” which is pretty damn funny since she calls him my his name to everyone else. I’m tired of this shit. She’s been in a drug rehab three different times. Last week, she claimed that she needed some shots for her back because she had hurt it in a car wreck 6 months ago. I wasn’t buying it. I put my foot down and told him that he had better not give her one red cent. She’s on welfare and has state insurance. Shit, I don’t have any insurance. So, he did tell her no. But, crack addicts are persistent and also, very good liars. She called again and told him that she was trying to get in a treatment center and needed some money to get in. I don’t believe even 10 percent of her crap. But, I thought if she was going to try to get straight, he should help her. So, once again, he gave her money today. So,help me, if she does not use that money for treatment, I will leave his ass if he gives her another dime.

Sheez….that was a long explanation to get to the good stuff.

My youngest daughter’s bday was today. For some really weird reason, she chose to have a party a Chik-fil-a. What’s wierd about that is she is 24 years old. But, I do eccentric things, too, so let’s have a party. From here on out, it turns really weird.

I arrive at Chik and she and her husband are already there. There are birthday signs on the door that Chik put up. Children’s signs. And, balloons.  I became thinking that this might be embarrassing to her and ask her if she wants me to take them down. But, she’s REVELING IN IT! That’s just strange. I soon realized that she was having a good manic high and felt my heart sink to my stomach. She’s a real “look at me” manic. 

I go find a seat and wait for the rest of the guests….fully expecting some of her friends and their kids. I mean this is a fuckin kid’s party. Then the guests start to arrive. Let me say here that my daughter married into an “old money” family. They own numerous businesses in the area. My other daughter and I refer to the women as “The Stepford WIves”…..proper, ladylike, and devoted to their men. They ALWAYS match their coats and shoes and purses and saying “marvelous” and “darling” a lot. They take tiny bites and never speak until they have absolutely finsihed chewing each bite to dust. They would not say “shit” if they had a mouthful of it. P-R-O-P-E-R…..probably graduates of Miss Emily’s Etiquette school. Everything that I am not, in otherwords. Then a drug rep friend arrives. Then the manager of Tamarack which is a big friggin’ deal in WV arrives. The mananger of Intelos arrives next. Her mother-in-law shows up last. She owns a vary sucessful mini-mall that deals in “hoity-toity” shit. The party begins. Out comes….OMG….get this…..Chik-fil-a kids meals for all. WOO HOO! Now, I am sitting there thinking that this is a lttle bit strange. Oh, but it gets stranger. THE COW….the 8 ft tall Chick-Cow comes out., And, he just stands there……right friggin’ at my table, directly in front of me. And, he keeps standing there. I’m not sure where the eyeholes were in that monster cow suit, but he was facing my direction. ANd….he just STOOD THERE. After a few minutes, I was getting irritated with that damn COW staring at me. So, I stood up. We were so close that we were touching and I bent really close to only opening in the head that I could see and I said, “If you don’t get away from me, I’m gonna really hurt you bad.” So, the COW went somewhere else and STOOD.

Then, oh goody, here comes the kiddie bowls of ice cream. And cupcakes…..LMAO.

I’ve been feeling a little off-balanced lately and this was becoming so what distrubing to me. Here was these BIG BUSINESSMEN, drug reps, etc. sitting there eating kids meals, kids icecream and drinking out of those little kids cups. talking to a giant 8 foot cow.

And…that’s not all. One of the guest who came is a very pretty woman…..normally. But, I swear, she looked like a transient who had slept under a bridge the nite before. Her hair was not combed. No, not a messy “do”……a messy mess. She really looked awful. I found her appearance upsetting because it was so out of character. Then, my daughter’s grandmother and aunt dropped in. They said Happy Birthday, took two kids meals, and left.

Then came the gift opening. Now, bear in mind that my daughters takes pleasure sometimes on rubbing it in my face that all of her in-laws are loaded and buy her nice stuff. But, one gift was a cup with a note pad that looked like it came from a dollar store and one gift was a devotional books that looked to me like it had already been “gently read.”

The drug rep starting handing out this huge pens…..about 12 inches long.

I swear I thought that I was in a Tom Petty video. . Or, need to go back on drugs.

To top off this evening. as I was leaving, there sat the HUMONGOUS cow in the grass behnd the building. He had his head off and was smoking.

This was one of the weirdest evenings that I think I have ever experienced. It’s was absolutely surreal.

I’m still trying to figure this whole deal out. I can’t quite get her motives/reasoning. Maybe, she just wanted to feel like a child agian. On the other hand, she likes to lead people to believe that she didn’t get a lot growing up. But, that is a crock of shit.! I definitely have to mull this over.

Anybody got any ideas?

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