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22:17 – Shades of grey, black and dark holes

Posted Aug 14 2011 5:19pm

Just some random thoughts and reflections…. no comments needed….




When I’m depressed I find myself thinking of shades of grey, black and dark holes.

When I’m manic everything becomes colourful, bright and exciting.

When I’m depressed I put a blade to my skin, perhaps to try and inject a little colour into that black hole.

When I’m manic I can already see every single pixel of the fusion of colour that surrounds me in dazzling warmth.

When I’m depressed I self medicate. Prescription, illegal, it doesn’t matter which.

When I’m manic I’m already experiencing the best buzz known to man.

When I’m depressed I self isolate. No one, no matter how much I love you, is coming into my world.

When I’m manic I go out of my way to invite everyone into my crazy little private party.

When I’m depressed I think of dying and lying on a cold slab.

When I’m manic I’m already dancing in heaven’s fairground.

When I’m depressed voices take over and scare my mind.

When I’m manic my mind hears all those voices come together and sing to me.

When I’m depressed the world spins in slow motion, grinding me down bit by bit, day by day.

When I’m manic I can’t keep up with a world that spins so fast.

When I’m depressed I see the end of my life.

When I’m manic, my body is invincible.

When I’m depressed the magic cocktail for death hovers over me like a dangling carrot,

…Will I be able to jump high enough and grab it.

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