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20 hours a week

Posted Nov 17 2008 8:58pm 2 Comments
Came back from the pdoc. Meds were adjusted, one removed because I said so and followed the advice of a sagacious person.

Back to 20 hours a sleep a day now.

Trying to come up with something good article wise as well. Stay with me kind people.
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Hi, I was just wondering if you ever made a full recovery from your journey on Seroquel?  I'd be interested in talking further... I am 15 days into my Seroquel withdrawal with many questions about what seems to be happening to my body.  Most people mention rebound insomnia, but I am just as lethargic as ever so your post called out to me.

I don't know if it's the seroquel withdrawal or cymbalta withdrawal that's the cause of my symptoms  (I have been off both for a week now, 60mg cymbalta and tapered off seroquel over 3 months).

 My symptoms are a high level of energy, I'm doing something every minute I'm awake and have no interest in resting.  Sleeping maybe 4-5 hours per night.  What's happening?  Does anyone else have this?  In a funny way it's great, I'm extremely motivated, nothing seems to slow me down, and unbelievable amounts of energy!  It's strange, very strange.  I have this feeling that I'm moving a hundred miles an hour - straight towards a brick wall.

 Please, does anyone else relate to this?  


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