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16.He has been buckle dead

Posted Mar 12 2013 3:59am

16.He has been buckle dead



In Detroit and Los Angeles clippers game yesterday, the clippers, Andre - Jordan in brandon knight's outrageous dunks completed a on his head. Dunk after the game, this led to a wide range of discussions, and as a background, Mr. Knight also naturally become the object of ridicule. But knight is not affected, in his Twitter, he responded as background self-mockery way the feeling of the emperor. "Before the game scouts report also didn't tell me the clippers will pick up empty! Ha ha!" Knight afterwards updated his twitter. Nike Air Max 95 After this dunk happened, lebron - James, the first time it became "a button of the year," this dunk also reminiscent of the Jordan's teammates - Blake griffin had "buckle" of death, even great to catch up with the trend. For the dunk, a lot of people joined in the discussion, wikipedia about knight and Jordan's profile has changed: even knight obituaries are being added to the profile of the last, the cause of death was Jordan dunk to death; Jordan was accused of the murder of knight. Cheap Nike Air Max 95 In a frenzy of ridicule, knight responded with a little self-deprecating, quality at the same time also showed his good heart. After he released this Twitter, a lot of people in the forwarding, for his optimistic spirit, people are given the affirmation and support. In fact, this is not the first time that knight career in make a fool of yourself. Rookie season, he was on the face is also a rookie kelly - OuWenShi sway pour, on this year's all-star rookie match, knight is twice by Owen "down", Nike Air Max 95 360 in front of the face have been lost to the world audience. Last year on Dec. 11, Mr. Knight has with the Philadelphia 76 ers defender zhu - HuoLeDi sway pour counterpoint.Brandon - knight is probably the most hard-working player in the Detroit pistons, even at the end of the super large amount of training, he is always reluctant to go home, until the coach Lawrence - frank put him out of the stadium. Last September in a frank, said in an interview: "we have to cast him out in the evening, otherwise he won't leave." Nike Air Max 95 Mens Last summer knight once suffering from plantar fasciitis, coach frank had confiscated his sneakers, so he would not contrary to the doctor's commanded to secretly leave the arena training. "The child hate can't drain your body in every ounce of energy." Frank says. On Monday against the Los Angeles clippers (microblogging), the knight tragedy, but he's tragedy is because of his serious - when nickelodeon drew - Jordan Chris Paul (microblogging) pass and climbed high, he flies high into the air trying to block the he a big guy. Therefore, knight overnight became the subject of teasing, he became a joke. Everyone appreciate - dunk explosive performance, but the knight as the background of poor men, even when someone is describe this dunk to use the word "rape", Internet turn crazy "knight is dead". All this seems to convey a message: "dodge, don't attempt to make an offensive foul, do not destroy such a goal, is not good for you." That run counter to the basketball culture is how, how those values are distorted?

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