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13:46 – What happens when there’s a power cut and you need medication! And new tattoos!

Posted May 26 2011 9:05am

So, shortly after writing my last post, I went out and met no longer pregnant friend and the kids. We went into town and I went to pick up my prescription but it wasn’t over at the chemist yet. So I phoned the GP surgery and asked when it would be over and was told to wait about an hour then go and collect it. In the meantime we decided to go into a little cafe and have a cuppa. So there we were sitting in the cafe and all of a sudden all the lights go out. Power cut. Everyone put it down to the weather and thought it would be fine in an hour or so.

We were wrong. The power went off around 2pm, at 3pm I went to the GP surgery and was told they couldn’t print out my prescription because there was no power. I then went back to the chemist to find they had locked up with a notice on the window “closed due to power cut”. By the time it reached 4pm I was starting to panic… I get my prescriptions weekly and had no medication in the house. So I went to the CMHT to see my social worker and in the end we had to go to a&e and ask if they had the medication I take on the wards somewhere. Finally they managed to give me enough for my bedtime dose and morning dose and could leave happy.

The power stayed off until about 7pm so I had to go out to no longer pregnant friend’s house and have dinner there with her and the kids. So that’s the drama that happens when you live in a small town and all the power goes off – you can’t get a prescription – all the shops close – you can’t cook a meal or have heating on or watch TV or use the internet – the whole town seemed to go into a standstill. I finally went home around 9.30pm and was most happy to see my power was back on.

The wind kept waking me up all through Tuesday night into Wednesday morning so I was feeling pretty tired when we met up to go and get our tattoos done. She was a big kid and had to get Emla cream on – the stuff they use for kids to numb the skin before putting a needle in – so I got mine done while she waited on it to work. The first one I got was a cover up for a chinese symbol I had on my shoulder blade, the second one I got was an angel baby with “vivere senza rimpianti” underneath it which roughly translates to “to live without regrets”. I was planning on getting the writing down my pinky finger but it would have been written so small you would barely be able to read it. Plus it balances out my right wrist tattoo.

Here are some pics of all the tattoos I have so far:

I also have a little lizard on my ankle but no photo of it on my laptop. My wrists are a little bit stingy today (he touched up my footprints one as well) but my shoulder blade one feels fine. I’m just waiting on the horrible scabby couple of days to pass then can see what they will properly look like :-)

Nothing much planned for today but am meeting my social worker tomorrow afternoon for a catch up.

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